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Store / Product Locator

Brief Summary

A radius based search of store locations (or places where your product can be purchased). The customer enters their zip and distance to travel and the closest retail locations are returned. You can add, edit and delete retail locations right from the ProductCart Administration area! Customer can “find it” from the product page to find a store that carries that product near them! Include a link to google maps for a printable directions page too!

Features include:

  • Manage Retailers right from the PC admin area - including an AJAX powered search and the ability to clone.
  • Include a link to google map (or your favorite directions site) so that customers can get directions.
  • Associate Retailers with the products that they most often carry in their store - when using this feature customers will be able to click a “Find it in Stores” button from the product detail page and find it closest to them.

Screen Shots


Stores using this add-on:

  • We will be updating this list soon!

See for a live version 3.51 example.

System Requirements & Installation

Available for all versions of ProductCart V3.51 (including V4.1) and above including the standard, BTO and Apparel builds. Earlier versions have not yet been tested. All of our add-ons contain folders for Parent Paths Enabled and Parent Paths Disabled code. This installation is a minor modification to the original source code and includes a database upgrade. NOTE: Because of the nature of this mod it is NOT available for stores using an Access database!

How To Get It

Please visit Red Leaf Development to purchase and download the Add-on.

Technical Support

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