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Orphan Image Manager

Brief Summary

Any merchant who has run their store for a length of time will likely benefit from this tool. Every time you upload new images for a product, and don't manually delete the original product images, they remain in the “catalog” folder. If you delete products and forget to delete the original product images, the old images will remain and accumlate.

This tool allows you to quickly compare the image names that appear in the catalog folder (where ProductCart stores the images which are uploaded via the built-in tools) and list those that do not match entries in the database, then allows the user to delete those which they feel certain are not needed.


System Requirements

Available for ProductCart V3.11 and above.

How To Get It

Please contact GreyBeard Design Group directly.

Technical Support

Please contact GreyBeard Design Group directly for any pre- or post-sale support.

About Us

Please see our site.

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