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HTML Drop Ship PO Notification E-Mail

Brief Summary

A key feature of ProductCart is it's support for drop-shipment of orders. The system has the ability to trigger notification e-mails to vendors from whom products are drop-shipped. However, the format may not meet the needs of everyone. Some merchants prefer a more traditional HTML Purchase Order format. Problem solved…

This mod uses a flexible template that allows the merchant to tailor the look and feel with their name, address and logo. When sent by e-mail to the drop shipper, the first section is a Purchase Order which they will use to fill the order. Following a page break, the next section is a “packing list” which (assuming willingness on the part of the supplier) can be inserted into the packaging with the customer's order. This way, even if the product is drop-shipped, the customer can receive YOUR logo-personalized packing list in the shipment.


System Requirements

Available for ProductCart V3.11 and above.

How To Get It

Please contact GreyBeard Design Group directly.

Technical Support

Please contact GreyBeard Design Group directly for any pre- or post-sale support.

About Us

Please see our site.

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