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Automated Cross Selling - "Customers who bought this also bought..."

Brief Summary

Increase your sales (and simplify cross selling) by showing other products that a “Customers who bought this also bought…” (like you would see on Amazon). General settings are the same as cross selling (this functionality can be turned on/off, chose to show on products page and/or cart page, chose to show an image and set the image size, etc). Once this mod is turned on - you don't have to do any more setup - no making matches, it is automated!


Stores using this add-on:

See for a live version 3.51 example.
See for a live version 4 example.

System Requirements & Installation

UPDATED! Now available for ProductCart V3.51 and above (including V4.1) including the standard, BTO and Apparel builds. Earlier versions have not yet been tested. All of our add-ons contain folders for Parent Paths Enabled and Parent Paths Disabled code. This installation is a minor modification to the original source code and includes a database upgrade.

How To Get It

Please visit Red Leaf Development to purchase and download the Add-on.

Technical Support

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About Us

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