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Admin Session Saver

Brief Summary

The problem

Your store admin, necessarily, needs to be secure. Therefore, ProductCart is programmed to only allow authorized users to gain access to that portion of the store. The way that this is programmed, the logged-in status is maintained by an ASP session which typically has a 20-minute timeout.

That means that while working in the admin section of your store, if you don't browse to or otherwise refresh a page in your admin at least once every 20 minutes, thus keeping the browser session active, your session will likely time out and require you to log back in again. It happens - every time you need to take a phone call, or get any other interruption, you constantly find yourself logging back into your admin section. That represents lost time and productivity!

The solution

Avoid the frustration! Install this script in a matter of minutes and stop having to constantly log back in!

This script will set a timer each time a page in your store admin is displayed on your browser. If your admin section remains idle for 15 minutes, the browser will be automatically redirected to a “session saver” page as shown below. After that, the script will allow three additional 15-minute periods of inactivity before it will automatically close your admin session and redirect to the login screen.


For examples and additional information, please visit:

System Requirements

Available for ProductCart V3.11 and above.

How To Get It

Please contact GreyBeard Design Group directly.

Technical Support

Please contact GreyBeard Design Group directly for any pre- or post-sale support.

About Us

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