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SubscriptionBridge - Recurring billing for ProductCart


Why we built it

SubscritionBridge is a new subscription management and recurring billing system from Cloud Nation to help you easily create subscription packages, sell them, and manage all the customer service tasks that are part of the life of a subscription.

SubscriptionBridge helps merchants solve real business problems, and in fact we use it to manage the recurring payments for the ProductCart Support & Updates Plan. SubscriptionBridge will help you automate the management of the subscription-based product and services that you offer to our customers, giving you better tools to run your business.

SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center

Subscription management and recurring payments

Some of the things that SubscriptionBridge does for you:

  • It automatically sends HTML e-mail notifications in all sorts of scenarios
  • It gives you tools to manage a subscription: edit, add features, process one-time charges, make custom adjustments, etc.
  • It gives your customers a way to view and edit their subscription through a full-featured Customer Center
  • It integrates with ProductCart to allow you to sell subscriptions right from your store catalog

Shopping cart integration

The integration between SubscriptionBridge and our ProductCart shopping cart software brings subscription billing features to your ProductCart-powered ecommerce store.

  • Quickly activate SubscriptionBridge in ProductCart
    SubscriptionBridge is built into ProductCart v4.1 and above: ProductCart and SubscriptionBridge will communicate in real time through the SubscriptionBridge API
  • Easily flag a product as a subscription
    Once the integration has been activated, you will be able to easily locate a product or service in your ProductCart catalog and associate it with a subscription “package” that has been setup through the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center. You can also specify, at the product level, whether customers should have to agree to subscription-specific “Terms & Conditions” during checkout.
  • Subscription product in ProductCart store catalogShow subscriptions terms in the storefront
    Once a product has been linked to a subscription, the ProductCart storefront will automatically show the subscription terms and conditions when loading the product details page and when adding the product to the shopping cart.
  • Sell subscriptions through your storefront
    ProductCart will automatically recognize a product that has been linked to a subscription package and handle it differently during checkout: the customer's experience will remain the same, but ProductCart will hand off the information to SubscriptionBridge, which will create a subscription profile at the time the order is placed.
  • Sell subscriptions and one time purchase products at the same time
    ProductCart supports the sale of subscription-based and one-time purchase items in the same shopping cart: for example, from the ProductCart software store you can purchase, at the same time, a ProductCart software license (one time sale) and a Support & Updates Plan (yearly subscription): ProductCart automatically and invisibly “splits” the purchase and creates a recurring billing profile for the subscription portion of it. The only limitation is that the subscription and the other items are not items that both require shipping and taxes. Lean more on this limitation.

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