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Technical Support on MailUp

Checking whether MailUp is there

Is your ProductCart-powered store running MailUp? If you are unsure, there is a simple way to detect whether the MailUp files were ever uploaded to your store.

  • Log into the Control Panel and select ”Customers > MailUp Integration
  • If you see a page that presents the MailUp service, it means that the files were likely never uploaded.
  • If you see a page that lists links to pages used to manage the MailUp integration, it means that the files have been uploaded.

Correct file set

Are you sure you are running the correct file set? If you are having an issue with the integration between MailUp and ProductCart (and not with the MailUp console), the first step is to ensure that you are using the correct files.

  • Go here to download the latest version of the files compatible with your version of ProductCart.
  • Upload them to your store following the instructions provided here
  • See if the issue persists

Technical support on MailUp

If you are having an issue with the MailUp console, or an issue with the integration between ProductCart and MailUp for which you cannot find an answer here, use these resources:

  • How to open a support ticket
    • Log into your MailUp account
    • On the summary page, before launching your MailUp console, scroll down and find the “Help Desk” link
    • Fill out the short Help Desk form and submit it.

Restoring the pre-MailUp files

Did you stop using MailUp and wish to restore the non-MailUp files? Please open a support ticket from either your MailUp console or your ProductCart software store account area and provide the following information:

  1. ProductCart version number
  2. Whether you are running any add-on's

We will send you a file set that restores your ProductCart installation to the pre-MailUp files. Of course, please note that any source code changes that you might have made to those files will be overwritten.

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