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Sending newsletter subscription preferences to MailUp


The ProductCart - MailUp integration includes several features that deal with the ability for your store to communication customer subscription preferences for all lists that you have retrieved from your MailUp console and made active in your storefront.

What happens when a customer registers or signs up

Automatic Registration

When a customer registers with the store (during checkout or independently of the checkout process), all active MailUp lists are presented to him/her with the list description. Customers can check which lists they would like to subscribe to.

If the Automatic Customer Registration setting is checked (MailUp Integration > Retrieve and Manage Lists), when they click on the Continue button, their newsletter preferences are communicated to your MailUp console. Otherwise, their preferences are saved to the ProductCart database to be later transferred to your MailUp console using the Register/Synchronize Customers feature.

Disabling the Subscription Confirmation Message

By default a Subscription Confirmation Message is sent to the customer to confirm the subscription. This is often required by law (e.g. US CAN-SPAN act). If you wish to disable this feature, you can do so by editing the file “includes/MailUpFunctions.asp”.

Specifically, open the file in your favorite HTML editor and locate the code:

tmp1=tmp1 & "frontend/xmlSubscribe.aspx?email=" & CustEmailDB & "&list=" & ListID

Change it to:

tmp1=tmp1 & "frontend/xmlSubscribe.aspx?email=" & CustEmailDB & "&Confirm=0" & "&list=" & ListID

Save the file and re-upload it to the Web server.

Automatic Update

When the Automatic Customer Registration feature is on, newsletter preferences are communicated in real time to your MailUp console also when customers change their profile in the customer account area in the storefront.

Time Out Settings

To ensure a smooth customer experience, ProductCart monitors the connection with your MailUp console and automatically saves a customer's preferences in the store database if there is a connection error or the connection time out.

The connection times out after 5 seconds. You can manually change this value by altering a variable that is located at the top of the file “login.asp” in the “pc” folder. Locate the code:


Dim MaxRequestTime,StopHTTPRequests

'maximum seconds for each HTTP request time



Change the number 5 to a higher number if you want the system to try to connect to MailUp for a longer period of time before timing out.

Adding and editing a customer in the Control Panel

When you add or edit a customer in the Control Panel, the customer newsletter subscription preferences are sent to MailUp. Remember that ProductCart will only show the lists that you have setup as active on your store. The other lists will retrieved from your MailUp console will not be shown.

When you add or edit a customer in the ProductCart Control Panel his/her newsletter subscription preferences are sent to MailUp

  • Subscription
    When you add a new customer and subscribe the customer to one or more lists, the customer will receive a Subscription Confirmation Message from your MailUp console, unless he/she was already a subscriber.
  • Removal from list
    When you remove a customer from one or more lists, the customer will receive a confirmation of the removal from the list from your MailUp console, or a request to confirm the removal (unsubscription) if you use the double opt-out feature (which is not recommended) in the list settings in MailUp.

Bulk Registration

Let's assume you have been running your ProductCart-powered online store for a while. You probably have a number of customers in your store database and - if the “Newsletter Signup” feature was active - many of them might have opted to receive e-mails (newsletters) from you.

From the MailUp home page in your ProductCart Control Panel, click on Register/Synchronize Customers with MailUp. The screen allows you to perform two tasks.

Initial Registration

You can transfer your customers' newsletter preferences to your MailUp console with one click.

Since ProductCart does not support the ability to let customers sign-up for separate newsletters, there is only one field in the ProductCart database that stores a customer's preference with regard to receiving e-mails from your store. Therefore, ProductCart will take all customers that signed up to receive a newsletter from you and register them with all e-mail lists that you have created in your MailUp console.


ProductCart will attempt to communicate with your MailUp console in real-time when a customer registers or changes his/her newsletter preferences. However, there might be times when communication errors occur. In this scenario, the customer's preferences are saved to the ProductCart database. Use the synchronization features to transfer those preferences to the MailUp console.

This feature is only accessible when ProductCart detects newsletter preferences that have been saved to the store database and not been communicated successfully to MailUp. Therefore - in most cases - the feature will be hidden.

Technically, the need for synchronization is recorded by ProductCart in the “pcMailUpSubs_SyncNeeded” field of the “pcMailUpSubs” table. When the field contains a “0”, then no synchronization is needed.


Customers will be able to unsubscribe from a list from their profile page within your ProductCart-powered storefront, as all lists (newsletters) are listed there once you have activated MailUp in ProductCart. However, accessing that page requires the user to login. Consumer privacy regulations indicate that users that wish to unsubscribe from a mailing list should not need to take additional steps, such as logging into an account. For this reason, you must include an unsubscribe link directly in your e-mail message.

  • The default footer for any list in your MailUp console contains an unsubscribe link by default.
  • If you customize the footer, make sure keep the link there, or add a new unsubscribe link by using the “Uns” button in the HTML editor.

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