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Connecting ProductCart to your MailUp account

What it does

ProductCart takes advantage of the MailUp API to communicate with your MailUp console. Once the two systems can successfully exchange information, the following new features will be supported by your store:

  1. Automatic Registration with MailUp
    ProductCart will automatically register new, opt-in store customers into the MailUp e-mail marketing system.
  2. Support opting into multiple lists
    Your store customers will be able to opt into multiple, different lists (if available). For example, you may use different lists for “New Products”, “Promotions”, and “Support & Updates”). Subscriptions and un-subscriptions are independently managed for each list. This allows for a scenario where the same customer might want to subscribe to one list, but not another.
  3. Bulk Registration
    You will be able to register existing customers with MailUp in a few, easy steps, so you can manage your e-mail marketing entirely with MailUp from now on.
  4. Target specific customers
    The ProductCart Newsletter Wizard is replaced with an improved and updated version when you use the integration with MailUp. It allows you to quickly filter customers in a variety of ways and send the filtered list of recipients to MailUp. MailUp will automatically create a new group within an existing list and you will then be able to send a message to that group from within your MailUp console. This means that you will also be able to track message statistics, bounces, and opt-outs through the system.

You must have an active MailUp account before you can perform this task. Make sure that your MailUp console has been setup and that you have been provided with valid MailUp API credentials (User Name and Password).

Configuring your MailUp account

To connect your ProductCart-powered store to your MailUp console, select Customers > MailUp Integration and then click on Setup/Manage MailUp Account. The information that you need to enter on this page should have been provided to you when you signed up for your MailUp subscription.

  • User Name: Your MailUp API (Web Services) user name. This is not the user name you use to log into your MailUp console.
  • Password: Your MailUp API (Web Services) password. Same as above.
  • MailUp Console URL: the address of your MailUp console (without the http://). This changes from account to account.

MailUp account settings setup

Click on Register to register your ProductCart-powered store with your MailUp console.


The system will return a an error message if it cannot connect to your MailUp console. Most of the error messages are self-explanatory (e.g. wrong user name).

Cannot Connect to MailUp Server

If you receive the error “Cannot connect to MailUp server”, the first thing to check is that the console URL that you have entered is correct.

IP Address problems

If you receive an error that indicates that the IP address of your store has not been registered with your MailUp console, then you will need to check that it is listed in your MailUp account. The IP address of your ProductCart Control Panel should automatically be added to the list of allowed IP addresses the first time you connect to your MailUp console. If this does not happen (or if you need to change it), you can manually add it to the list following these instructions:

  1. Look up the IP address of your Web store
  2. Log into your MailUp console
  3. Select Manage > Web Services
  4. Enter the IP address that you found with (1) and click “Add”

Changing IP Address (Moving Web server)

If you store moves to a new Web server (or the IP address of the server changes) you will need to re-register ProductCart with MailUp. To do so:

  1. Log into your MailUp console
  1. Select Manage > Web Services
  2. Uncheck the “Enabled” setting and click on “Confirm”
  3. Return to ProductCart and select Customers > MailUp Integration > Setup/Manage MailUp Account
  4. Resubmit the form to re-register your store from the new Web server (or new IP address)

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