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Retrieving and managing lists

Now that you've ensured that ProductCart can successfully communicate with MailUp, return to the MailUp Integration home page. To do so, select Customers > MailUp Integration. You should see the following page.

The ProductCart-MailUp integration home page

From the menu, click on Retrieve and Manage Lists. ProductCart will connect to your MailUp Console and retrieve all lists that have been added to the system. By default your MailUp console contains at least one list. For a definition of what a LIST is in the MailUp system, click here.

Once all lists have been imported into ProductCart, a new screen will be shown. On this screen you can:

  • Change the name of the list
    ProductCart imports the name used in your MailUp console, but you might want to show a different name in your storefront.
  • Enter a description
    The description field allows you to provide your store visitors with detailed information on what kind of information they should expect to receive if they subscribe to a certain list.
  • Active or inactive status
    You might not want all lists that exist in your MailUp console to be active (visible) in your storefront. Those that are set as active will be shown. The others will be hidden.

Show and hide lists and specify what to display

If you have more than one list in your MailUp console, this translates into the ability for your customers to subscribe and unsubscribe to/from multiple newsletters.

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