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MailUp is a professional e-mail marketing and newsletter management system developed by NWEB. NWEB is a leading developer of Web applications and a Certified ProductCart Developer.

MailUp is a hosted solution, robust and scalable. It is used by hundreds of companies big and small, mostly in Europe where it was developed. It is constantly improved and updated by NWEB.

About MailUp and ProductCart

The MailUp - ProductCart integration allows ProductCart-based stores to create targeted lists of customers using a number of smart filters, and instantly send them to MailUp, which will then take care of mailing and tracking any message sent to that list.

What you need

To take advantage of these powerful marketing features, you need:

MailUp + ProductCart User Guide

Complying with Consumer Privacy Regulations

In all of your e-mail marketing efforts, make sure that you comply with consumer privacy regulations that are in effect in your country.


In the United States, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 regulates what commercial e-mailers can and cannot do.

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