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MailUp Glossary

  • LIST
    A set of contacts (active subscribers, pending, unsubscribed accounts), archived messages, statistics, etc. There can be multiple lists in your MailUp account. The same user (contact) can subscribe to one list and not another. Lists are completely independent of each other.
    A subset of a LIST. You can create unlimited groups to send targeted lists to your contacts. When customers are exported from ProductCart and sent to MailUp for a targeted mailing, a new GROUP is automatically created to that you can easily send them a MESSAGE (e.g. the “group” of customers that have not purchased a product in the last 2 weeks).
    An individual e-mail message that may or may not have been sent.
  • OPT-IN (or OPTIN)
    All contacts that have opted to be part of a LIST and are active recipients in that LIST.
    All contacts that had opted to be part of a LIST, but have now chosen to unsubscribe. A contact that opts out of a LIST is automatically removed from all GROUPS.
    All contacts that have opted to be part of a LIST, but have not yet confirmed their subscription to the LIST.
    A number of ways (fields) to narrow down contacts within a LIST in order to create a GROUP.
  • E-MAIL
    The unique field that defines a contact in a LIST. Duplicates are not allowed within the same LIST, but the same E-MAIL (contact) can appear in multiple LISTS and in any GROUP within each LIST.
    Each contact in your LISTS is defined by a unique e-mail address and by a number of CUSTOM FIELDS. Some are automatically added to your MailUp account (e.g. Name, Last Name, etc.).

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