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Exporting targeted e-mail recipients to MailUp


The focal point of the ProductCart <> MailUp integration is the ability for you to take a very targeted group of customers, quickly export it to MailUp, and manage the sending and tracking of an e-mail message to the group through MailUp.

  • Leverage the information in your store database to produce highly targeted groups
  • Instantly export the addresses to MailUp
  • Let MailUp figure out which addresses are valid and which are not (e.g. somebody unsubscribed): do you don't have to worry about it at all.
  • Create a professional-looking message with MailUp, or upload your own.
  • Send the message to the group through the MailUp system
  • Track opens, clicks, bounces, etc.

The group that you export from ProductCart will always be a subset of one of the “lists” that you have created in your MailUp console. A list is populated with contacts when you initially setup your ProductCart <> MailUp integration, when customers register with your store, and when they edit their newsletter preferences. See more on how ProductCart communicates customer newsletter subscription preferences to your MailUp console.

ProductCart Newsletter Wizard integrated with MailUp

Targeted Groups

To create a targeted group of e-mail addresses to be sent to MailUp, select Customers > MailUp Integration > Export Recipient Group to MailUp.

  1. Choose a list
    The group of addresses that you are exporting to MailUp will be a subset of one of the lists you have setup there. If this is the first time you are using the system, make sure that you have first communicated your customers' newsletter preferences to MailUp.
  2. Choose a pre-saved group
    If you have created and saved a targeted group of customers in the past, you will see a list of saved groups. If not, the list will be hidden. This feature allows you to quickly load a group of customers that you have already used and that does not need to be updated.
  3. Filter customers
    ProductCart includes a number of filters that you can use to output very targeted lists of customers to your MailUp console. For example, you could say: “give me a list of customers that have purchased 'dress shirts' in the last 60 days”, or “show me a list of customers that have spent over $100 in the last 30 days”, etc. Combining different filters can give you access to very meaningful groups of customers to which you could send special offers, invitations to preview new products, questions about their purchasing experience, etc.

When you query the database with multiple filters, the process of looking up customers that match your criteria might take some time. Be patient while ProductCart is retrieving the customer list.

Targeting customers based on the Customer Type

Among other uses for this feature, a common one is to build “Groups” in MailUp that correspond to Customer Types and/or Pricing Categories in ProductCart. You can do this because there is a Customer Type selection drop-down on the Newsletter Wizard - STEP 1: Create Targeted Group page. So the steps are:

  • Select Customers > MailUp Integration
  • Click on Export Recipient Group to MailUp
  • Use the Customer Type drop-down to select the desired customer type. Set the other filters in a way so that all customers are included.
  • Export the filtered customers to a new Group in MailUp. You can name the new group anything you like.
  • Log into your MailUp console to send a message to the new group that you have created.

Export to MailUp

When the group of customers that matches your filtering criteria has been generated, it will be shown to you in a screen similar to the one shown below.

Easily export the filtered group of customers to your MailUp console

  • Choose Export to MailUp to export the filtered group of customers to your MailUp console. On the next screen, you will be able to name the group (e.g. “Summer Special for Tennis Players” or “February 2008 Product Updates” or “Promotion for preferred customers”, etc.). You will find the group in your MailUp console.\
  • If you are not ready to export the information to MailUp, you can save the group for later use.
  • You can also export the list as a CSV file or send a message through ProductCart (not recommended).

What happens next?

Once the targeted group of contacts has been sent to MailUp:

  • Log into your MailUp console, select the List that you had chosen during the Newsletter Wizard in the ProductCart Control Panel, and you will find the group you just created as one of the available groups.
  • If any of the e-mail addresses exported from ProductCart belonged to customers that had unsubscribed, MailUp will recognize the issue and automatically remove the address from the group.
  • The same is true for e-mail addresses that had bounced in previous messages and had been removed from the distribution list.

In other words, you don't have to worry about whether or not the list that you create in ProductCart is “clean”. It will be automatically cleaned once it is exported to MailUp.

You can now create a new message or load an existing one and send it to the group of recipients exported from your ProductCart-powered store.

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