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Changes to Your Privacy Policy


When you use a service like MailUp, some confidential information (e.g. your customers' email address) is hosted by a third party (NWEB, our partner that created and hosts the MailUp service). You should therefore amend your privacy policy to let your customers know.

Below is text that you can add to your existing privacy policy.

Sample Text to Add to Your Existing Privacy Policy

This Web site use a service called MailUp® ( to collect your e-mail preferences, send electronic mail to you, and track the responses to e-mail messages sent through the system. MailUp is a professional solution to manage electronic mailing, and run e-mail and SMS marketing campaigns.

The data centers that house the servers used by MailUp are currently located in Italy. The MailUp service was developed by NWeb Srl (, and it is used by a large number of companies all over the world. You can view a partial list of users on the MailUp Web site. NWeb manages the system in full compliance with Italian and International privacy regulations.

To track responses to an e-mail marketing campaign the MailUp system uses a unique tracking code inserted into the links contained in the message that was sent through the system, and a one pixel transparent image, which allows to detect whether the message was opened. If the message is sent with embedded images (Mhtml) the system can also use other techniques to detect whether the message was opened (e.g. whether an embedded CSS file was requested from the server).

The tracking information stored by the MailUp system consists of the date and time of when an image or CSS file was requested from the server and/or when a link was clicked on.

Regarding the mailing of mobile phone messages (SMS or “Short Message Service”), the system detects whether the SMS message was delivered, when and at what time. This information is provided by the carrier that performs the actual mailing of the message. This service is only available in select countries. The list is often updated. Contact Nweb for details.

The user activity data described above is kept in the system for up to 6 months, after which only aggregate data is maintained (e.g. total number of recipients that clicked on a link). The IP address of the recipient is available for local authorities, in compliance with the law, but is not visible and cannot be consulted in MailUp.

For more information about user privacy and on how Nweb fights SPAM, please visit

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