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Tracking storefront searches using Google Analytics

The Site Search feature in the Google Analytics system allows you to track what your store visitors are searching for when using the search feature that's built into ProductCart.

In order to configure Site Search so that it tracks relevant queries on your ProductCart-powered store:

  • See this article for general information on how to configure Site Search
  • Use the following parameters/selections:
    • Do Track Site Search: selected
    • Query Parameter: enter: “keyword”
      If you are also using a Google site search engine on your Web site, then a “q” should also appear in the query parameters (so the field should read “q,keyword”).
    • No, do not strip query parameters out of URL: selected
    • Do you use categories for site search?: Yes
    • Category Parameter: “idcategory”
    • No, do not strip category parameters out of URL: selected

Here is a visual example of how the page should be setup:

Google Analytics Site Search settings

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