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Using Google Analytics with your ProductCart-powered store

To use Google Analytics with your ProductCart-powered Internet store you need to take a few simple steps:

Create a Google Analytics account

Get a Google Analytics account if you don't already have one. If you have a Google AdWords account, you should see an “Analytics” tab in the main navigation at the top. Otherwise you can sign up here. The service is free for most Web sites.

ProductCart v4.5 and above

You will simply need to enter your Google Analytics Profile ID in the ProductCart Control Panel. Learn more about Google Analytics support in ProductCart v4.5.

ProductCart v4.1 and below

Add the tracking code

Whether or not you are already using Google Analytics on your Web site, you will have to add the GA tracking code to ProductCart to have Google Analytics track traffic on your storefront pages. Learn more.

Upload the ProductCart-Google Analytics Files

Update you store by uploading these files to your Web server, and by adding the tracking code as mentioned above. (Note: some customers have reported a problem downloading this Zip file under IE8, so if that is the case you should use Firefox or an alternative browser).

Which one are you using? Learn more about the tracking code.

Check your Web statistics

Wait a couple of days (in order to have some statistics to look at), and then view the reports in your Google Analytics account. Verify that your store pages are being tracked. Later in this document we will talk about some of the most interesting reports that Google Analytics offers for an e-commerce store.

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