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Tracking store orders with Google Analytics

This is where the integration between ProductCart and Google Analytics becomes a lot more interesting. ProductCart will take care of notifying Google Analytics that an order has been placed, and will provide Google Analytics with the transaction information. This will enable you to better understand where your shopping cart orders are really coming from.

To track your e-commerce transactions with Google Analytics, follow these steps.

Enabling E-Commerce Reporting in the Profile

In order to track e-commerce transactions you must enable e-commerce reporting for your website's profile. To enable e-commerce reporting:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click “Edit” next to the Web site (profile) you'd like to enable.
  3. On the “Profile Settings” page, click “Edit” next to “Main Website Profile Information”.
  4. Change the E-Commerce Website radio button from “No” to “Yes”.

Preparing ProductCart

ProductCart v4.5 and above

There is no action to be taken. ProductCart is already setup to submit e-commerce transactions to your Google Analytics profile. Learn more about Google Analytics support in ProductCart v4.5.

ProductCart v4.1 and below

Upload the Google Analytics files

Make sure that the Google Analytics files have been uploaded to your store.

Please note: we discovered an issue in October of 2010 which led to some orders not to be transferred to Google Analytics. The issue had mostly to do with apostrophes in the product name, which caused a JavaScript error on the Order Completed page. Re-download the Google Analytics integration files if you downloaded them before October 18, 2010.

Review footer.asp or inc-footer.asp

Make sure that the following line of code has been added immediately below the tracking code on inc_footer.asp (ProductCart v4 and up) or footer.asp (ProductCart v3):

<!--#include file="inc-GoogleAnalytics.asp"-->

… as indicated here.

You're done. ProductCart will take care of the rest. Specifically, when an order is completed, it will gather a series of information about the order and communicate the data to Google Analytics. Note that this only happens when an order is completed successfully (e.g. nothing is posted if an order remains “incomplete”).

Next: adjusting for returns and cancellations

The next section focuses on adjusting for returned and canceled orders.

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