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ProductCart v4.5 Update Guide

The ProductCart v4.5 Update was made available on October 25, 2011. To download the v4.5 update (and to support the development of future updates!), please subscribe to the ProductCart Support & Updates Plan. Once your license is eligible for updates, you can download the updated files by logging into your Control Panel and selecting Help > Check for Updates.

A "Must Read"

Please READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY before updating your ProductCart-powered store.

  • A list of “To Do Items” is enclosed below. Make sure to review it and make the necessary changes.
  • Downloading the 4.5 Update files using the Check for Updates feature is not enough to successfully update your store.
  • That's because:
    • Your ProductCart-powered store may be running add-on's and special files that require additional steps
    • Some files that you have very likely customized will be overwritten (e.g. includes/languages.asp and pc/pcStorefront.css)
      Synchronize them with your version before uploading them to your store.

At the bottom of this page you can find a list of the main changes/fixed. Over 220 items (new features, improvements, bug fixes) were logged in our tracking system with regard to v4.5 of our shopping cart software. Some of the changes will not be visible to you in terms of new features, but you'll notice them as you use your updated ProductCart-powered store.

We hope you will enjoy version 4.5!


You should be running v4.1 (any version) to update to version v4.5. Specifically, the v4.5 update contains files that were created or updated after 08.12.2010.

Backing Up Your Store

Make sure that you back-up your store before proceeding. This is a crucial step of the store update process: if something goes wrong, for any reason, you will be able to restore your previous installation.

To Do Items

Please see the list below to locate all the items that you need to download and install. A Legend below includes descriptions for the abbreviations used in the following table.

You are using… What you need to download and FTP to your server… How to get the files…
Main ProductCart file set
STD 4.5 Update from UMS Check for updates in the CP
BTO 4.5 Update from UMS Check for updates in the CP
STD + APP 4.5 Update from UMS Check for updates in the CP
BTO + APP 4.5 Update from UMS Check for updates in the CP
BTO + CM 4.5 Update from UMS Check for updates in the CP
BTO + APP + CM 4.5 Update from UMS Check for updates in the CP
Other Add-on's and files
Mobile Commerce A few files have changed Please contact ProductCart
Google Analytics Now built into ProductCart (see updated docs) Update store settings after updating to v4.5
MailUp Now built into ProductCart Can be turned On/Off
eBay Add-on No specific update needed for version 4.5.
QuickBooks Add-on No specific update needed for version 4.5

Check For Updates is available in the Control Panel under Help.


  • STD = ProductCart standard version
  • BTO = ProductCart Build To Order version
  • APP = Apparel Add-on for ProductCart
  • CM = Conflict Management Add-on for ProductCart
  • eBay = eBay Add-on for ProductCart
  • QBK = QuickBooks Add-on for ProductCart
  • UMS = Update Management System
    This is the system that you access via the Check for Updates feature in your Control Panel. The system detects which version you are running and delivers the correct file.

Other To Do items

  • Default Meta Tags
    You can now set the default Meta Tags in the Store Settings area.
  • Email Settings
    There are some new settings, plus some of the existing features were changed. Please review and re-save your email settings.
  • Shipping Settings
    There are some new settings, plus some of the existing settings were edited. Please review and re-save your shipping settings.
  • Google Analytics
    It's now built it. You may need to remove the code you were using and insert your Web site ID in the store settings. Learn more.
  • Sales Manager
    This is the largest new feature in ProductCart v4.5: read the documentation to become familiar with it.

Downloading the Update File

Depending on the version of ProductCart that you are using (Standard vs. Build To Order) and on the add-on's installed on your store, the Update Management System will prompt you to download the correct file. NOTE: if you receive a message indicating that your license is not eligible for updates, that's because your subscription to the Support & Updates Plan might have expired.

Double-checking the Downloaded File Name

You can double-check that you are indeed downloading the correct file by checking the file name against the following information.

  • If you are running the STANDARD version of ProductCart, the file that you downloaded should be named: ProductCart_v4.5_Update_date
  • If you are running the BUILD TO ORDER version of ProductCart, the file that you downloaded should be named: ProductCart_v4.5_Update_BTO_date
  • If you are running the BUILD TO ORDER version of ProductCart, with the Conflict Management Add-on, the file that you downloaded should be named: ProductCart_v4.5_Update_BTO_CM_date
  • If you are running ProductCart (STANDARD or BUILD TO ORDER) with the Apparel Add-on, the file that you downloaded should be named: ProductCart_v4.5_Update_APP_date
  • If you are running the BUILD TO ORDER version of ProductCart, with both the Apparel Add-on and the Conflict Management system, the file that you downloaded should be named: ProductCart_v4.5_Update_APP_CM_date

Unzipping the Downloaded Files

  • Unzip the files to a new directory on your desktop (e.g. “4.5 Update Files”).
  • Do not copy the unzipped files onto an existing set of ProductCart files.
  • If you want to have a copy of the entire ProductCart folder on your desktop, including the latest files, download the store to your desktop after you have finished the update process.

Updating Overwritten Files

List of Files

Some of the files contained in the ProductCart v4.5 update overwrite files that you have likely customized. These include:

  • pc/inc_footer.asp
    This is the file that might contain things such as your Google Analytics code. Please note that Google Analytics is now built into ProductCart. You can just enter your Google Analytics site profile ID into the Control Panel (Settings > Store Settings > Miscellaneous).
  • pc/inc_header.asp
    This file is sometimes updated by ProductCart useres to include custom JavaScript code and alike.
  • pc/include-metatags.asp
    This file used to contain your default meta tags. They have now been moved to the Control Panel (Settings > Store Settings > Company Details).
  • pc/orderComplete.asp
    This file is overwritten as part of the 4.5 update. However, if you moved any tracking code (e.g. Google AdWords) to the file orderCompleteTracking.asp that was introduced with the 3.5 update, you do not need to take any further steps as that file has not been overwritten and therefore your tracking code was untouched.
  • CSS files:
    • pc/pcStorefront.css
      This is the file that contains most of the styles used by the ProductCart storefront. A few style were added. You can locate them by searching for the string “4.5” in the file.
  • includes/languages.asp
    This file contains text strings that are often edited by ProductCart users.
  • includes/languagesCP.asp
    This file contains additional text strings.
  • includes/sendmail.asp
    This file contains the functions used to send e-mail messages. It is often edited by ProductCart developers.

Synchronizing Overwritten Files

As noted above, this update contains files that you may have modified. The list mentioned above is just a small subset of the files that have been updated and that may overwrite customizations that exist in your store.

See Synchronizing Files for tips on how to compare and synchronize your edited files.

Synchronize the new files with the corresponding, edited files in your ProductCart file set before you begin the update process. This article contains some instructions on how to do so.

Installing the Update

Parent Paths Enabled vs. Parent Paths Disabled

Please select the correct update files depending on the version of ProductCart that you are running. Specifically, if you are running ProductCart on a server that has Parent Paths Disabled, please use the files contained in the “Parent Paths Disabled” folder. Otherwise, use the files contained in the “Parent Path Enabled” folder, which is the most common scenario.

If you are unsure of which version you are running, look at the version number in the Control Panel start page (“menu.asp”). If it includes the letters “PPD”, then you are using the “Parent Path Disabled” version of ProductCart.

Step 1 - Back up your store

If you haven't already done so, back-up your store.

Step 2 - Turn off your store

  1. Log into your Control Panel and select General Settings > Store Settings
  2. Enter a descriptive message in the field Message displayed when store is off.
  3. Select Turn store off, then click on the Update button. This ensures that customers do not browse the store while you are updating it.

Step 3 - FTP new files to your server

Upload the files to their respective folders, overwriting the existing files. For instance, you will update the contents of the pc subfolder on your Web server with the files contained in the pc subfolder that you have downloaded from the ProductCart Update Management System.

Please note that the pcadmin folder has likely been renamed on your store. We recommend that you rename the same folder in the update files locally on your computer so that when you FTP the files there is no chance that a new pcadmin folder is created, which would mean that some of your store files are not being updated.

DO NOT delete any of the files that are currently on your Web server.

The ProductCart v4.5 update contains over 800 files and the FTP upload might take a few minutes (it's over 12 MB). Make sure that once the process has finished, your FTP client reports a success message. Most FTP programs have a way to show you whether some files were not uploaded successfully. If that happens, make sure to upload them again until all files have been uploaded successfully. In many FTP programs, you can add back to the transfer queue files that - for any reason - were not successfully uploaded during the initial transfer.

Step 4 - Update the Store Database

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. You will be automatically redirected to the database update page (upddb_v45.asp).
    1. If you are not automatically redirected, replace “menu.asp” with “upddb_v45.asp” in the browser address field and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
    2. If you get a “Page Not Found” error, it means that the files were not uploaded to the correct folder or the FTP upload was not completed successfully.
  3. Run the database update script.
    1. If you receive any errors or warnings (e.g. a table could not be updated), run the database update again. In some cases these errors disappear on the second execution of the update.
    2. If the errors persist even after re-running the database update script a few times, leave the store OFF and open a Support Ticket.

Step 5 - TO DO List

A message will confirm that the store database and version number have been updated.

A “To Do” list will remind you of a actions that you need to take that are also covered in this document. See the “To Do Items” above.

Step 6 - Turn your store back on

When all To Do items have been completed, you can now turn your store back on and verify that the storefront is working properly. We recommend that you place at least one test order to go through the entire checkout process.


If you encounter a problem, please review the information in this document carefully to make sure that you have followed every step as outlined above. Specifically, make sure that:

  1. You started with the correct version number (see “Applicability” above)
  2. You correctly uploaded the files to your store (e.g. files in the “pcadmin” folder, which you likely renamed in your store)
  3. You successfully updated the database, as described above
  4. You completed the rest of the To Do items mentioned above

If this still doesn't solve your problem, leave the store OFF, log into your account on the ProductCart software store, and submit a support ticket. Please make sure to indicate which version of ProductCart you are updating from, which add-on's and other file sets you are using (e.g. Google Analytics integration, etc.), and include the error message that you are receiving.


The ProductCart v4.5 Update has been tested by NetSource Commerce in a variety of environments. However, there might be environments that have not been tested and that may cause problems.

You are responsible for making a backup copy of your existing store database and store files, as described above. A backup copy of your store will allow you to revert back to your previous, working version of ProductCart in case you experience any problems after running the update.

NetSource Commerce shall not be liable for any loss of data and/or loss of income due to any downtime that your online store may experience as a direct or indirect result of installing this update.

Release Notes

New Features

  • Sales Manager: Easily start and stop a sale that affects select products
    • Reduced PCI compliance requirements when using Three Step Redirect: your online store is no longer considered a “payment application”
    • Tokenization of payment information: ProductCart never saves the credit card details
    • Allow customers to save credit cards for future purchases, leveraging the secure, PCI compliant credit card vault
    • Process refunds directly from the Control Panel
  • New Control Panel Dashboard
    • Chart with sales in the last 30 days
    • Chart with number of orders in the last 30 days
    • Chart with new customer registrations
    • Pie chart with sales by product in the last 30 days
  • AddThis integration: AddThis provides buttons that allow visitors to your store to easily share a page on a social network, through Twitter, via e-mail, etc.
  • USPS International Label API added: In addition to the Domestic USPS Shipping labels, we now have support for USPS International Shipping Labels.
  • Export Orders for FedEx: this export tool allows you to export orders in a format that can be imported into the FedEx Ship Manager. This allows you to more quickly process shipment in the Ship Manager and print FedEx shipping labels (including shipping to a thermal printer).
  • PDF Order Invoice: You can now generate and export order invoices and packing slip to Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
  • Troubleshooting Performance Page that allows you to test performance using default file set to rule out customized code.
  • Export to Bing Shopping: Microsoft shut down the Bing Cashback program and converted it into Bing Shopping. We have updated the system to prepare a data feed for Bing Shopping. This feature is currently in BETA.


All versions

  • jQuery updated to the latest available version
  • Improved the deletion of empty categories. The ablility to delete the top-level category and all of its sub-categories when no products have been assigned has been added.
  • A report was added to the system under “Reports > View Other Reports” that tells the admin which “Write a Review Reminder” messages were sent, when they were sent, and more.
  • Fixed performance issues and Improved the “Export Custom Order Data” reports
  • Shipping: Added a new setting under “Shipping Settings” to show/hide Estimated Delivery Information. Previously it was always shown.
  • Shipping: Shipping Surcharges can now be imported using the Import Wizard
  • Shipping: Added new settings for more control over the selection of Commercial vs. Residential address type in the storefront.
  • Several improvements to the category scrolling box were added: moved arrows to the left and added ability to control the arrow icons via the Control Panel. The box is now hidden is the search results only include one category.
  • Allow Additional Product Views (images) to be imported via Append/Update
  • Increase character limit for Category description from 50 to 250.
  • Fixed performance issues on the “Add Custom Search Field to Categories” page
  • Added pagination to the “Previous Orders” page to avoid seeing performance issues when customer has too many orders.
  • Set autocomplete to OFF on certain fields to comply with PCI requirements
  • Updated the Google Base Export to meet new requirements. See more information and feature limitations.
  • Updated to the latest version of InnovaStudio HTML Editor (v5.2)

Notable Bug Fixes

Over 200 issues were addressed. Here are just some of them. Remember that v4.5 also includes all files that were part of previously released Service Packs. So you can refer to those updates for additional details on what issues they addressed.

  • Cross selling: When a product is out of stock, the cross-selling was not displaying. This fix will allow those products to display now.
  • FirstData Gateway (previously LinkPoint): We updated the store's URLs to point to FirstData's new staging URLs.
  • Fixed a bug in which the “Add to Cart” button was hidden in the Control Panel.
  • When the discount details field has more than 1 discount code/promotion code, there was a bug in Custom Data Exports.
  • Custom Data Export: Cross-site scripting vulnerability on AffiliateLogin.asp
  • Tax by Zone: A couple of bugs were addressed for Tax Zones in which taxes were not being calculated in the following scenarios:
    • When a product was flagged as a “digital product”
    • When a product was flagged as “no Shipping”.
  • Checkout: Fixed an issue that was not allowing “Free Shipping” to be applied when Rewards Points were also used. If the Rewards Points lowered the order total to an amount that was below the threshold of the rules for that Free Shipping option, the page would force you to choose another shipping option.
  • Store Map Generator: Fixed a bug in the store map generator which caused it to not work in certain scenarios.
  • Gift Certificates: If a Gift Certificate name contained an apostrophe, it was generating an error.
  • Fixed Mojozoom compatibility issues with Google Chrome as well as Internet Explorer v9
  • Addressed cart compatibility issues with Internet Explorer v9
  • Shipping Label Wizard: When attempting to split a shipment of a certain product into multiple packages, there was a bug if the quantity was over 999 for one of the packages.
  • Google Checkout is not validating coupon code expiration date.
  • Fixed Import wizard bug: Cannot update brand logos when brand names are already existing
  • Store Front: Minimum quantity was not being enforced from the Wish List.
  • Product Reviews: If a customer has ordered a mix of reviewable and non-reviewable products ProductCart would not filter out the products that cannot be reviewed rather.
  • Fixed email issues with the Contact Us page so that it will now use the Store's Admin email address instead. This prevents the hosting provider from blocking that email.

Notable BTO Bug Fixes

  • Store Front: Fixed and issue with incorrect sorting for BTO products when “sort by price” was selected via the drop-down box.
  • Default BTO Pricing: There was bug in the BTO Price calculation when a BTO item had Quantity Discounts that were only available to Wholesale Customers
  • Control Panel: Searching for “Saved Quotes” by date range would return zero results because the date of the quote when it was saved was not being stored in the database. This has been added to the database to that search will now work for future quotes.
  • Store Front: Addressed a bug that would cause issues in the price for a configured BTO product when the customer would use the web browser's “BACK” button.
  • If a BTO quote contained prices greater then $999.00 there was a JavaScript bug and the calculations would be incorrect.
  • Addressed a Quantity Discount calculation bug when removing BTO products from the shopping cart.
  • Fixed issue in a scenario of a customer's browser having JavaScript disabled, which allowed them to purchase a BTO product with a $0 amount.

Other Notes

Developer Notes

  • New item in Cart Array
    Item 39 of the shopping cart array, which was previously available, is now used to store the ID of the sale that the product is currently part of, if any. More on the Cart Array.

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