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ProductCart v4.1 - Service Pack 1


Service Pack 1 for ProductCart v4.1 was released on 08.12.10. It addresses all known issues found in ProductCart v4.1 between the initial release on 07/20/2010 and 08/12/10.

Do you need it?

If your ProductCart version number contains “SP 1” (service pack #1), then you do not need this patch. Otherwise, you need to apply it to your store. If you purchased ProductCart or updated from a previous version after 08/12/2010, you likely do not need this service pack. Check the version number to be sure.

Downloading the Updated Files

You can download Service Pack 1 for v4.1 by using the “Check for Updates” feature in your ProductCart Control Panel. Depending on the version of ProductCart that you are using (Standard vs. Build To Order) and on the add-on's installed on your store, the Update Management System will prompt you to download the correct file (see table below).

Double-checking the Downloaded File Name

You can double-check that you are indeed downloading the correct file by checking the file name against the following information.

You are running v4.1 Service Pack 1 File Name
ProductCart Standard ProductCart_v4.1_ServicePack1_081210
ProductCart Build To Order ProductCart_v4.1_BTO_ServicePack1_081210
ProductCart (STD or BTO) + Apparel Add-on ProductCart_v4.1_APP_ServicePack1_081210
ProductCart Build To Order + Conflict Management ProductCart_v4.1_CM_ServicePack1_081210
ProductCart Build To Order + Conflict Management + Apparel Add-on ProductCart_v4.1_APP_CM_ServicePack1_081210

If you believe that the ProductCart Update Management System is not providing you with the correct file set, please open a support ticket. If you do not see the v4.1 SP1 Update when you “Check for Updates”, even if it has officially been announced, then make sure that your license is eligible for Software Updates.

Unzipping the Downloaded Files

  • Unzip the files to a new directory on your desktop (e.g. “v4.1 SP1 Files”).
  • Do not copy the unzipped files onto an existing set of ProductCart files.
  • If you want to have a copy of the entire ProductCart folder on your desktop, including the latest files, download the store to your desktop after you have finished the update process.

Updated Files


  • USPScountry.asp
    Country spelled incorrectly
  • mojozoom\mojozoom.js, mojozoom\mojozoom_left.js
    Corrected issues with the image magnifier and additional product views. Also corrected issues that affected the Apparel Add-on when the image magnifier was used together with product swatches.


  • addsavedprdstocart.asp, popup_apparel.asp
    “Not for Sale Override” feature not working properly with Apparel products.
  • atc_instprd.asp
    Fixed looping for direct add to cart via a link.
  • checkout.asp
    Fixed issue with the “Restore saved shopping cart on next visit” feature when the product that had been added to the cart by a customer belonging to a Customer Pricing Category (and the customer is not logged in when he/she returns to the store).
  • configurePrd.asp, reconfigure.asp
    Added product information, including additional product views, to the BTO configuration and reconfiguration pages.
  • gwlp.asp
    Edited URL to LinkPoint staging server.
  • gwpfp.asp
    Added customer ID to unique key to account for a scenario in which two orders are submitted at the exact same time (resulting in an identical unique order key). Adding the customer ID will prevent this scenario.
  • inc_RestoreShoppingCart.asp
    Fixed issue with “Not for Sale” products.
  • inc_header.asp
    SubscriptionBridge JS file loaded even if SubscriptionBridge was not active on the store.
  • instPrd.asp
    Fixed issue with “Not for Sale” products.
  • login.asp
    Prompt to sign up for “Write a Review Reminder” is not necessary when registering a new customer account, so it was removed.
  • onepagecheckoutJS.asp
    Fixed small issue with “success” icon on One Page Checkout billing address panel.
  • opc_updbilladdr.asp, opc_updshipaddr.asp
    Fixed issue with State/Province not being saved if the customer is outside of the US or Canada (this problem had recently been introduced as a byproduct of a different code change).
  • pcValidateQty.asp
    JavaScript error and “Not for Sale” products.
  • prv_postReview.asp and prv_ViewOrder.asp
    Fixed issues related to new Product Reviews features.
  • Reconfigure.asp
    BTO Only. Synchronized with configuration page (product images and other interface elements were not shown on the “reconfigure” page: now they are).
  • viewPrdCode.asp
    Fixed issue with “Add to Cart” button when editing orders. Issue with “Not for Sale” products
  • viewPrdC.asp
    Fixed issue with “Wish List” button when product “Not for Sale”.
  • viewPrdO.asp
    Fixed issue with “Wish List” button when product “Not for Sale”.
  • viewPrdL.asp
    Fixed issue with “Wish List” button when product “Not for Sale”.


  • ApplyDctToPrds.asp
    Product with promotions are now filtered out when copying quantity discounts to multiple products (products cannot have both quantity discounts and promotions on them).
  • cwcommon1.asp, cwcommon2.asp
    Fixed rare issue with the Customer Import Wizard saving incorrect, encrypted passwords when the encryption introduces a double quote in the encrypted string.
  • modCatb.asp
    Improvements to delete categories routine
  • addImg_popup.asp
    Added validation for long image names
  • ModDctQtyPrd.asp
    Fixed issue with error being shown after deleting a quantity discount when getting to the quantity discounts page from the product details page.
  • pcSplitPOQty_popup.asp
    When multiple shipments are required (e.g. backorder), the Order Details page showed the Quantity Discounts for the entire order on each separately shipped package, which made the Details page look incorrect.
  • reviewsEmailTest.asp
    Fixed issue with email formatting
  • prv_AutoSendEmails.asp
    Fixed issue with email formatting
  • inc_srcPrds.asp
    Fixed issue with product search (Apparel Add-On)

Performing the update

Other Add-on's

If you are also using…

  • MailUp: Upload whichever files apply to your store (see above), then download the latest MailUp integration files and upload them to the corresponding folders as per the Add-on instructions.
  • Synchronizer for QuickBooks: a separate file set is not needed
  • eBay Add-on: a separate file set is not needed

Parent Paths Enabled vs. Parent Paths Disabled

Please select the correct update files depending on the version of ProductCart that you are running. Specifically, if you are running ProductCart on a server that has Parent Paths Disabled, please use the files contained in the “Parent Paths Disabled” folder. Otherwise, use the files contained in the “Parent Path Enabled” folder, which is the most common scenario.

If you are unsure of which version you are running, look at the version number in the Control Panel start page (“menu.asp”). If it includes the letters “PPD”, then you are using the “Parent Path Disabled” version of ProductCart.

Synchronize overwritten files

No files that are typically edited by ProductCart users are included in this Service Pack.

Step 1 - Back up your store

If you haven't already done so, back-up your store.

Step 2 - Turn off your store

  1. Log into your Control Panel and select General Settings > Store Settings
  2. Enter a descriptive message in the field Message displayed when store is off.
  3. Select Turn store off, then click on the Update button. This ensures that customers do not browse the store while you are updating it.

Step 3 - FTP new files to your server

Upload the files to their respective folders, overwriting the existing files. For instance, you will update the contents of the pc subfolder on your Web server with the files contained in the pc subfolder that you have downloaded from the ProductCart Update Management System.

Please note that the pcadmin folder has likely been renamed on your store. We recommend that you rename the same folder in the update files locally on your computer so that when you FTP the files there is no chance that a new pcadmin folder is created, which would mean that some of your store files are not being updated.

DO NOT delete any of the files that are currently on your Web server.

Confirm successful transfer

FTP transfers sometimes fail. Make sure that once the process has finished, your FTP client reported a success message. Most FTP programs have a way to show you whether some files were not uploaded successfully. If that happens, make sure to upload them again until all files have been uploaded successfully. For example, Filezilla separately reports “Failed Transfers” and “Successful Transfers”. The “Failed Transfers” tab should be empty.

Step 4 - Update the Store Database

  1. The database will not be updated with this ProductCart update. When you log into the Control Panel after uploading the files to the Web server, you will simply be redirected to a script that updates the version number (adding “SP1” to it in order to indicate that Service Pack 1 has been installed).

Step 5 - TO DO List

A message will confirm that the version number have been updated. If there are any “To Do” items, they will be mentioned here. One important To Do item is the following:

Step 7 - Turn your store back on

When all To Do items have been completed, you can now turn your store back on and verify that the storefront is working properly. We recommend that you place at least one test order to go through the entire checkout process.

New version number (service pack)

Your ProductCart store version number after applying this patch with include “SP 1” to indicate that you applied Service Pack 1 to your ProductCart v4.1 installation.

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