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Updating Your ProductCart Store

About updating your store

Updating your ProductCart-powered e-commerce store is different from updating a software application that runs on your desktop. For a variety of technical reasons, we cannot provide you an executable file that takes care of everything for you. Instead, we provide you with (1) a set of updated files, (2) a database update script (when the database needs to be updated), and (3) detailed instructions on which steps you need to take (see below for links to specific update instructions).

It's crucial that you take time to carefully read the update/upgrade instructions, and that you first of all protect yourself against the possibility of something going wrong by backing-up your store before starting the update process.

How to back-up your store | How to update a customized store | How we do it at ProductCart

Update & Upgrade instructions

Latest fixes
For the latest fixes, always refer to the “Just In” section of the ProductCart Support Center. “Latest Fixes” are then consolidated into the next available release or service pack.

ProductCart v5

ProductCart v4

  • v4.7 Update
    Official release. Update from v4.6 store.
  • v4.6 Update
    A substantial update made available on 04.24.2012. Update from v4.5 SP2 store.
  • v4.5 Service Pack 1
    Service Pack 1 for ProductCart v4.5 was released on 01.13.12. It addresses all known issues found in ProductCart v4.5 between the initial release on 10/20/2011 and 01/13/12.
  • v4.5 Update
    A substantial update made available on 10.25.2011. Update from any v4.1 store.
  • v4.1 Service Pack 2
    A maintenance release for version 4.1 SP1, made available on 05.20.2011.
  • v4.1 Service Pack 1
    A maintenance release for version 4.1, made available on 08.12.2010.
  • v4.1 Update
    New, official release, made available on 07.20.2010. Update from any v4 (regardless of Service Packs installed).
  • v4 Service Pack #4 (One Page Checkout Patch)
    A maintenance update made available on 04.21.10. It addresses a few issues and introduces some new features.
  • v4 Service Pack #3
    A cumulative maintenance update made available on 12.05.09. Includes the previous 2 patches. Since this update patches some security issues, it should be applied as soon as possible.
  • v4 Service Pack #2
    A maintenance release made available on 11.09.09.
  • v4 Service Pack #1
    A maintenance release made available on 11.03.09.
  • v4 Upgrade
    Your ProductCart license must be eligible for upgrades in order for your to download the v4 Upgrade. To make your license eligible, purchase the ProductCart Technical Support & Software Updates Plan. The v4 is free under the plan.

ProductCart v3

  • ProductCart v3.51 Patch
    The v3.51 Patch is a small maintenance update. You don't need it if you installed ProductCart v3.51 or updated to ProductCart v3.51 after 02.27.09. Check the file that you downloaded and look at the date that is part of the *.zip file name: if the file name includes “022709”, then that file already includes the 3.51 Patch.

How to find ProductCart software updates

Where and how do you find software updates for ProductCart?

  • Official releases (i.e. version changing releases) → Click on “Help > Check for Updates” in your ProductCart Control Panel
  • Patches (i.e. smaller updates, in-between releases) → They are listed here and in the ProductCart Support Center
  • Individual bug fixes (i.e. targeting a specific, recently discovered bug) → They are listed in the “Just In” section of the ProductCart Support Center

Official releases include all patches and individual bug fixes that were released since the previous, official release. For example, version 4.1 - when available in 2010 - will include everything that was released since version 4.0 was initially made available.

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