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Backing Up Your Store

Why It's Important

The first step you should take whenever you update your ProductCart-powered store is to back it up. This is absolutely crucial in order to:

  • Restore Your Store
    If for any reason you are not able to successfully complete the update, the only way to restore your store is to re-upload the files from a back-up. In some cases you will also need to restore the database.
  • Update Overwritten Files
    A section below explains that some files will be overwritten as part of this update, and they need to be updated for your store to behave the way it did before the update.

How to Back-up Your Store

There are two steps to backing-up a ProductCart-powered store.

  1. Back-up the files
    You can either download the files to your local desktop via FTP, or create a copy of the files directly on the server. Many hosting companies, for example, now offer a File Manager utility that allows you to ZIP (or archive) a directory. Creating a compressed copy of the folder that contains your ProductCart-powered store (i.e. the “productcart” folder, typically renamed to “shop”, “store”, etc.) translates into an instant back-up of your store files. If you go this route, make sure to download the *.zip file to your local computer so you have a local copy of it. This is necessary to be able to synchronize overwritten files, which is often part of the update process.
  2. Back-up the database
    This step changes depending on whether you are using a MS Access or MS SQL database.
    1. MS Access: simply download the *.mdb file from the folder that contains in.
    2. MS SQL: contact your Web hosting provider to learn about MS SQL database back-ups. The database is likely backed up regularly by your Web host. However, in this case what you might need is an on-demand back-up, which you may need to request.

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