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Support Console

The Support Console can help you find out whether there are any issues in the way ProductCart Synchronizer and QuickBooks are exchanging information via Web Connector. To load the Support Console, select the corresponding link on the ProductCart Synchronizer home page (QB_default.asp).


Each time Web Connector contacts your Web store it is called a session. Each session may contain several operations, or tasks.

For example, Web Connector may connect to QuickBooks and run the operation “Pull Inventory”, which will synchronize your inventory items by retrieving current inventory levels from QuickBooks and updating the corresponding products in your Web store database.

The History tab shows a detailed log of all operations that have been run by Web Connector. This feature is especially useful for technical support agents if an issue needs to be investigated. However, it can certainly be useful to the store manager as well to help troubleshoot or better understand possible issue.

Operation Status

All operations are assigned a color-coded status. The color-coded statuses are:

  • Red: None of tasks included in the operation completed successfully
  • Yellow: Some of the tasks included in the operation completed successfully
  • Green: The entire operation was completed successfully

You can click on Operation Details to view more information about the task.

Example of Possible Issues

  • If you run an on demand product transfer and cannot find the product in QuickBooks, the History tab may show you an inventory task with status “red”. Click on Operation Details and the window below might indicate that “SKU already exists”, which explains that the product was not transferred since it would have been a duplicate.
  • If you have a Web store order that does not show in QuickBooks, check the History tab and you may find a “Push Orders” task (when orders are transferred from ProductCart to QuickBooks) with a “red” status. Click on Operation Details and you may find that the order was not transferred because “The email address specified for this customer is invalid, and the transaction is marked 'To be e-mailed'.” In this case, you would want to edit the customer account in QuickBooks and add a valid e-mail address to it.

Pending Operations

Each time you schedule an operation from within the ProductCart Control Panel (e.g. on demand inventory synchronization), the corresponding tasks are stored in the pending operations queue until you run Web Connector (manually or on a schedule).

The Pending Operations tab shows you the operations are currently pending before you run the Web Connector.

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