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Order Preferences


The choices you make now will determine how the ProductCart Synchronizer exchanges information with your QuickBooks company file.


  • When do you want to export orders?
    • Automatically export all new orders per my default settings. I will create a schedule in Web Connector. (Select this option if you want Web Connector to automatically transfer your orders to QuickBooks.)
    • Export orders on demand only. I will submit export requests in my ProductCart control panel. (Select this option if you want to manually review each order before it is transferred to QuickBooks.)
  • How should ProductCart export Orders?
    • By Payment Method. (This is the recommended option. Select this option and you can export offline orders as invoices and real-time payments as sales receipts.)
    • Invoice
    • Sales Receipt
    • Sales Order
  • Export Order Start Date: This is the date orders will begin exporting. This option is useful if you are currently using another synchronization application and you do not want any duplicates when switching to ProductCart Synchronizer.
  • Export Orders when they reach any of the following statuses: Select any of the following order statuses and when the order reaches that status is will be eligible for transfer. Note: The order will not transfer until Web Connector is run.

Transfer Options

  • Would you like to mark your transactions as “Cleared”?
  • Would you like to export “Shipping Method” information? (Note: The Shipping Name in QuickBooks must be prefixed with the carrier name. e.g.:

FedEX - 2 Day”

CUSTOM - Ground Shipping”

  • Would you like to mark your invoice “To be Printed”?
  • Would you like to mark your invoice “To be Emailed”? (An order can only be marked for email if the transaction is cleared.)
  • Would you like to include “Shipping Date” on your invoice?
  • Would you like to add customer details to the Memo field?
  • Would you like to include customer's comments?
  • Transaction Date


Please do not type account names directly into the boxes. You must use the select buttons. You must select one option for each type of account. Regardless of whether or not you plan to use every option you must fill all fields below.

  • Asset Account
  • Account Receivable

How credit card information is handled

With regard to the synchronization with QuickBooks, credit card information is handled as follows:

  • Offline credit card processing
    When you use offline credit card processing, credit card information is stored in the ProductCart database in an encrypted format, and transferred securely to QuickBooks when order information is imported automatically into QuickBooks. You can then process the transaction directly in QuickBooks. Once you have successfully done so, remember to purge the credit card information from your online store, in compliance with PCI standards.
  • All other payment methods
    Credit card information is never transferred to QuickBooks.

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