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Using the ProductCart Synchronizer




Schedule Auto Synchronize

To setup Web Connector so that it synchronizes your Web store and your QuickBooks company file on a set schedule, do the following:

  1. Launch Web Connector
  2. Click on the “Auto-Run” check box
  3. Enter the number of minutes between synchronization tasks
  4. Hide Web Connector, but do not exit the application.


Using Classes

If you have more than one ProductCart store using the Synchronizer you may want to sort orders by location within QuickBooks. QuickBooks provides a feature called classes that will allow you to do just that. To setup classes in ProductCart Synchronizer requires you to edit one file.

Download and open the file “pcadmin\QuickBooks\webservice\Web.config” using Notepad. Change the line:

<add key="scClass" value="" />


<add key="scClass" value="StoreOne" />

Notice we added the text “StoreOne”. You should replace that text with the actual class name you want to add. Save the file and upload it back to your Web server. Repeat the process for each store you operate.


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