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Tax settings: an overview

In the United States, taxation of online sales is typically handled as follows:

  • orders submitted by customers that reside in the same state where the company managing the online store is located are taxed
  • orders submitted by out-of-state customers are not taxed (this includes international customers).

ProductCart also supports country-based taxation for international stores. Canadian stores can now display federal and local taxes separately (other stores in other countries that require this, can do so as well, of course). Independently of the tax settings configured using the Tax Option module, you can set a product or service as tax-exempt when adding or modifying a product.

The tax calculation features provided by ProductCart are designed to help you calculate sale taxes. However, the calculation performed by the software may or may not exactly match the tax laws that you need to comply with. You should consult your local tax authority to determine the tax laws that you need to adhere to.

ProductCart gives you the ability to either use a database file containing tax rates, or enter rates manually by location, product, and/or zone. All methods are described in more detail in this section of the User Guide.

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