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Adding store elements to your design

To further integrate your Web store's graphical interface with ProductCart, you can add a number of static and dynamic elements (or code snippets) to header.asp and footer.asp. By static, we mean an interface element that doesn't change depending on what the user or the store manager does (e.g. a search box). By dynamic, we refer to an interface element that does change.

Take a look at the picture shown below: this demo store uses the default header.asp and footer.asp files that come with ProductCart. These files contain a number of these interface elements.

You can add a number of useful code snippets to your store design to further integrate it with the shopping cart software

Let’s look at what they are and how you can use them in your version of header.asp and footer.asp.

  1. Search box. You can let your customers run a keyword search from anywhere on your site.
  2. Category Navigation. You can use the Control Panel to dynamically generate a category tree that is then shown in your storefront.
  3. Content Pages and other links. You can automatically show a link to any page generated via the “Manage Content Pages” feature, and use the “Generate Links” feature to create static links to other pages (e.g. New Arrivals, Best Sellers, etc.).
  4. Shopping Cart Summary. You can automatically display the shopping cart total, when something has been added to the shopping cart. The cart summary is hidden if the cart is empty.
  5. Customer Login/Account Links. You can automatically switch between a login link and an account menu (shown once customers have logged in). You can do the same with Affiliates.

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