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Adding Shipping Options

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To start adding shipping options, select Add or View Shipping Services from the Shipping menu. ProductCart will guide you through the process of adding one or more dynamic shipping providers, and/or custom shipping options through a Wizard-style interface.

There are several dynamic shipping providers that you can connect to using ProductCart. There are also several different types of custom shipping options that you can also setup on your store. You can have multiple shipping providers and multiple custom shipping options, all available at the same time. You can also restrict some shipping options to domestic customers and others to international customers (whether a customer is domestic or not is based on whether their country matches the country selected in the Ship From address).

ProductCart supports the following shipping providers: UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Canada Post.

System Requirement: XML Parser: To successfully connect your online store to a dynamic shipping provider, the Web server that hosts your Web site must have the Microsoft® MSXML Parser 3.0 SP2 (or greater) installed. Otherwise, ProductCart will not be able to register with one or more of the shipping providers mentioned above, or return a “No rates returned” message during the check out process (or only show some of the shipping options). If you are experiencing problems (e.g. you cannot activate UPS), you can use the Troubleshooting Utility (Help > Troubleshooting Utility) to find out which XML parsers are installed on the Web server and reset the XML parser used by ProductCart to one of the available ones. If you are still having problems after resetting the XML parser used by ProductCart, please contact your Web hosting company and ask them to update the XML parser installed on the server. The software is available for free from Microsoft. Then, go back to the Troubleshooting Utility and reset the parser again.

A note about shipping rates discrepancies: As a general rule of thumb, before you submit a support request indicating that you believe there is a malfunction in the way ProductCart is calculating shipping rates (there is a discrepancy between the rates returned on your ProductCart-powered store and the ones that you believe should be displayed), please attempt to replicate the exact same shipment (same origination and delivery address, delivery address type, pickup/delivery method, packaging type, shipment weight, etc.) at the dynamic shipping provider’s Web site (e.g. or Then, compare the service selections and rates that are returned with the ones that are returned by ProductCart. Make sure that you are comparing “apples to apples”. Especially when dealing with UPS and/or FedEx rates, please remember that ProductCart was officially approved by both shipping providers, which means that a great deal of testing was performed to ensure that shipping rates are calculated correctly. There are several FAQ's covering possible causes.

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