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Store Buttons

How To Customize Store Buttons

You can customize the appearance of your shopping cart buttons by generating new buttons in your preferred graphics program and uploading new buttons to your Web server. From the Settings menu, select Edit Store Buttons.

Editable Source Files

Abobe® Fireworks® or PhotoShop® users will appreciate the fact that there are editable, pre-sliced files that contain all default buttons in the pc/images/sample. You should be able to quickly create new buttons starting from these editable files. Here are three PNG files that you can edit, for example.

ProductCart v3.5 buttons ProductCart v3.x White buttons ProductCart v3.x Rounded buttons
ProductCart v3.5 buttons ProductCart v3 "White" buttons ProductCart v3.x "Rounded" buttons

How to use the *.PNG files

The files mentioned above were created using Adobe® Fireworks® 8.

  • Download the PNG file that you would like to edit to your desktop: right-click on the graphic and select “Save as…” or “Save image as…”.
  • Open it in Adobe Fireworks
  • You will notice that the graphic elements are organized in layers so that you can quickly edit most buttons buttons at once
  • Once you are happy with your edits, make slices visible and export them all. They are already named in a way that will make the exported files easily recognizable.
  • Follow the instructions below to upload the new buttons to your store.

The “BTO” buttons are only for uses of the Build To Order version of ProductCart. Other users do not need to worry about those buttons when uploading new ones. The “Checkout without registering” button is no longer being used in the source code. The “Checkout without entering a password” feature exists, but it does not use a button.

How To Upload New Store Buttons

To upload new buttons to your store, click on Browse and navigate to the folder on your PC where the new buttons have been saved. Do the same for all the buttons that you wish to replace. When you are done, click on the Update button. The new graphics will automatically be uploaded to your Web server, and the new buttons will immediately be displayed on your on-line store. To revert back to ProductCart’s standard buttons, click on Set back to default settings.

Before uploading new buttons to your on-line store, make sure that the buttons have been saved in a compatible format (JPEG or GIF), and that they are small enough to display properly on your store (try not to exceed 25 pixels in height). The image upload feature will not allow you to upload any files other than JPEG and GIF.If you receive an error message when uploading buttons to your store, check to see if “read/write” permissions have been appropriately set on the pc/catalog folder. Sometimes folder permissions need to be reset.

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