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Store Settings

The Settings menu in the Control Panel navigation bar allows you to configure general settings that affect your entire store. Some of these settings, such as those that pertain to how products and categories should be displayed in your storefront can then be overwritten individually at the product or category level.

Next to many of the settings shown in the Store Settings are of the Control Panel you will see a yellow icon that looks like this . Click on it to access help that is specific to that feature.

The store settings page is divided into 5 tabs. An Update Settings button is shown at the bottom of the page. Remember to click on it to save your settings to the store database. Since when you switch from one tab to the next you are not actually going to another page in the Control Panel, you don’t have to click on Update Settings at the bottom of each tab. You can do it once and changes made on any of the 5 tabs will be saved.

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