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Hiring an Search Engine Optimization consultant

There are those that believe that Search Engine Optimization is a complete waste of time: you should just have a good Web site (technically well designed, rich in content, etc.) and not worry about it. There is certainly truth to this statement, but if you are spending thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click because you are not getting any decent rankings, then hiring a consultant might make sense.

There are also those that are completely obsessed about search engine optimization and forget that having a well designed, content-rich Web site is indeed the first step.

You should stay firmly in the middle. Hiring a consultant to regularly review your Web site and recommend (white hat) optimizations is never a bad idea since so much of your business depends on search engine rankings.

When you approach any search engine optimization consultant, disregard any offer from any company that claims to be able to guarantee high rankings on any of the major search engines: there is absolutely no way to “guarantee” rankings, other than purchasing them via Pay-per-click or other paid-for placement programs, when available.

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