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Setting a Script Timeout

Occasionally, a ProductCart script will time out due to the fact that the default value set on a Windows server under IIS is only 90 seconds, as described here:

Typically, this happens when a report (or 'query) is taking longer than normal to run (due to a large number of records in the ProductCart database). In most cases, it is possible to 'override' the server setting by extending the timeout value in the related ProductCart ASP file. To do that, download the file that is querying the database and add a single line of code near the top of the file. You can determine the appropriate file by looking at the end of the URL (in the browser address field). For example, if you are running a Sales Report… the file that needs to be edited is:


You need to download this file from the 'pcadmin' folder via FTP and open it in an editor such as 'Notepad'. At the top of the file, but AFTER the ASP delimiter, you will enter the new Script Timeout setting, like this.


Server.ScriptTimeout = 5400

'This file is part of ProductCart, an ecommerce application developed and sold by NetSource Commerce. ProductCart, its source code, the ProductCart name and logo are property

The timeout value is in 'seconds', so the above value increases the timeout to 90 minutes, which should allow all of the requested records to be successfully retrieved from the database… and the extended timeout will only be applied to this file


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