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Managing Suppliers

ProductCart allows you to create Suppliers and associate products with them. Suppliers are different from Brands in that the same supplier (e.g. a large wholesale distributor) might represent and supply you with product by different vendors (brands).

Currently, the use of Suppliers in ProductCart is limited to reporting and administrative purposes (e.g. exporting and importing product information). In the future, we plan to expand on it and create tools that will allow suppliers to manage their own products (if allowed to do so by the store manager).

That is, suppliers will have access to a special area of the store where they will be able to add/edit/remove product information based on a series of settings configured by the store manager.

If you believe you might use this feature in the future, you can already create Suppliers and associate products with them. If a supplier also ships products for you, check the Enable Drop-Shipping option and the system will recognize the supplier also as a Drop Shipper. You will see the company listed whenever Drop Shippers are listed.

Related tools:

  • A search feature allows you to quickly locate a supplier to edit the company information, assign/remove products, or export products that are associated with it.
  • You can quickly assign/remove multiple products to/from a supplier.
  • You can export all products that have been associated with the supplier, or only those products whose inventory levels have fallen below the reorder level.

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