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Reviewing a Sample Product Details Page

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To summarize many of the features that can be applied to a product in your catalog, let’s look at a sample product details page created by ProductCart (technically, the file is called pc/viewPrd.asp). Starting from the top, you will notice the product name, the part number (SKU), the weight, the brand which links to a page showing all other products assigned to the same brand, and the current inventory level. Then the short product description is shown, with a link to the long product description, which is displayed at the very bottom of the page. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, the long product description is shown if the short description is not available for this product. The More details… text link can be edited as indicated in Editing Text in your Storefront.

Below the short product description are the custom search fields that were assigned to this product. As mentioned before, there can be up to three custom search fields assigned to a product. In this case, they are: Year, Made In, and Fabric. This allows customers to search the store using those filters on the advanced search page.

The Reward Points that can be accrued when purchasing this product are shown next. In this fictitious store, Reward Points were renamed Mountain Miles, and the feature was turned on (when off, points are not shown on the product details page, and they are not accrued).

Pricing information is shown below Reward Points. This product was set to show both the price, list price, and the savings between them. Below the price are product options (in this case: Size and Embroidery), which may or may not affect the price (in the example shown they both add an amount to the product price). The custom input text fields are displayed. In the example shown, the customer has the ability to enter text to be embroidered to either the front and/or the back of the jacket.

On the right side there is the product image, the zoom button which links to the detail view image (shown only if a detail view image has been specified for the product), and quantity discounts (shown only if quantity discounts apply to the selected product).

The bottom part of the page displays:

  • The quantity field, Add to Cart, Add to Wish List, and Tell a Friend buttons.
  • Cross selling products. Even if the product is out of stock or not for sale (quantity field and related buttons are not shown), cross selling products are still displayed.
  • The long product description, together with a link to return to the top of the page.
  • Product reviews, if the feature has been turned on.

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