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Modifying a Product

Modifying Individual Products

You can locate the product that needs to be modified by searching for it using the Locate a Product feature. Once you have located the product, click on Details to view and modify product properties such as name, prices, descriptions, images, etc. The form that is loaded is very similar to the Add New Product form. Refer to that section of this WIKI for more information on each form field.

There are a few differences between the Add and Modify product pages:

  • Category Assignments
    With regard to the categories that the product has been assigned to, the Modify Product page lists all the categories to which the product has been assigned. You can easily add or remove categories to the list by clicking on the Edit Category Assignment button. Click on the check box next to the categories to which you would like to assign this product, then scroll to the bottom and click on the Update button.
  • Additional Product Images
    With regard to product images, you can now take advantage of the Additional Product Views feature. This feature is not available until you save a new product, and therefore it is not available on the Add New Product page.
  • Test License Generator
    If you are modifying a Downloadable Product, the Test License Generator feature will now be available to you. This feature is not available when you are adding the product to the store as ProductCart first needs to save product information to the database before being able to test the license generator associated with the product. You can now also verify the download URL.

Editing Multiple Products at Once

There are different ways to edit multiple products at once:

  • Global Changes
    You can quickly change the same attribute across multiple products by using the Products > Global Changes feature. Learn more about Global Changes.
  • Product Import Wizard
    You can update product information by importing a file that includes the updated data (e.g. updated product prices). ProductCart uses the SKU (product part number) to match the imported records to existing products. Learn more about updating products via the Product Import Wizard.
  • Other features
    In many cases ProductCart offers you a way to apply a change to multiple products at once. For example, you can assign price breaks to multiple products that share the same tiered pricing, or copy product options, custom search fields, etc.

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