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Duplicating an Existing Product

ProductCart offers you a quick way to add a product that shares most details with another product already in your store catalog. From the Products menu, select Locate a Product to view a list of products in your store. On the search results page, locate the product that you would like to duplicate, and then click on Clone.

All form fields will be pre-populated with the product details associated with the selected product, except for the category selection. Select a category, review and edit any of the settings, and then click Add Product to save the new product to the database.

If you don’t change the SKU (part number), ProductCart will still allow you to add the new product to the catalog, but will display a warning message indicating that the same SKU has already been assigned to another product.

Although not mandatory, it is important that you use unique SKUs in your product database. For example, the Import Wizard uses the SKU to match information that you are importing to product information that is already in the database and that you are trying to update.

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