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Custom Fields

Custom product fields give you additional flexibility in managing your store. In a nutshell, you can add custom fields to a product to collect or display additional product information, and allow your customers to further interact with the store.

ProductCart supports two types of custom fields:

Input Fields

Custom Input Fields allow you to collect information from the customer during the check out process. For example, an online clothing store could allow customers to enter their initials to be embroidered on the front of a polo shirt. Or a printing store could allow customers to provide the information to be written on the business cards that they are ordering.

Search Fields

Custom Search Fields allow you to display additional information about the product, and let the customers use it as search criteria on your store's advanced search page. In ProductCart v3.5 and above, they also allow for drill-down navigation in the storefront.

For example, a wine store may want to display the year, region and type of grapes for a particular wine on the product details page. Of course, this could be done by adding the information to the product description. However, by using custom search fields the information becomes available on the advanced search page in terms of drop-down menus that can be selected as additional search filters. In this example, store customers would then be able to search the store by year, region or type of grapes. You can also use custom search fields to filter, or “drill down”, when browsing your categories or running a search.

ProductCart v3.5 and above support unlimited Custom Search Fields. They were limited to 3 per product in previous versions.

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