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Managing Brands

Another great feature in ProductCart is the ability for the store administrator to associate products with brands. Assigning a product to a brand has the following effect on your store:

  • In the storefront:
    • The product details page (pc/viewPrd.asp) shows the brand that the product has been assigned to, right underneath the SKU, if the Show brand on product details page feature is checked. The brand name is hyperlinked to a page that shows all other products assigned to that brand.
    • The advanced search page (pc/search.asp) shows a “Brand” filter. To filter by brand, customers can select one of the available brands from a drop-down menu that is dynamically populated with all the brand names used on the store.
    • You can link to the “Shop by Brands” page from anywhere on your store (e.g. you can add a button to your navigation bar). The page that you need to link to is: pc/viewbrands.asp. You can choose whether or not to display brand logos on this page, as described below.
  • In the Control Panel:
    • When adding or editing a new product, you can specify its brand.
    • When importing an existing product database, you can import brand information.
    • When locating a product, you can filter by brand.

To add, edit, or remove brands select Manage Brands from the Products menu. When adding a brand, simply enter the brand name and the image file name for its logo (if you plan to use brand logos on your store). If not, leave that field blank.

Once you have added a brand to your store, click on Assign Products to select the products that belong to the brand. You will be shown a list of products currently assigned to the brand. To assign new products, click on the Assign Products button, then select the products that you want to associate with the brand. You can also associate a product with a brand when adding a new product or editing an existing product.

Note the two options located at the bottom of the page:

  • Show brand on product details page
    When this option is checked, the brand name is shown on the product details page, at the top of the page, right underneath the product SKU (for a graphical example, see the sample product details page at the end of this chapter).
  • Show brand logo on “Browse By Brand” page
    When this option is checked, the “Browse by Brands” page (pc/viewbrands.asp) will link brands with their names & logos. The number of brands shown on each row and the number of rows per page follow the category display settings that are configured at the bottom of the Display Settings page.

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