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Supported PayPal payment systems

What's the difference?

  • Website Payments Standard
    Customers pay on the PayPal Web site. Customers will checkout through your store, get to the payment step, temporarily leave the store to pay at the PayPal Website (with or without having a PayPal account), and then come back to your Web site once the payment has been made.
  • Paypal Payments Advanced (New in v4.7)
    A seamless checkout experience that allows customers to stay on your site the entire checkout process without the need to save any financial data assisting is staying PCI compliant. Customers can simply pay with their own credit card without having to register with PayPal. Recommended if you do not currently have your own merchant account and would like to be able to accept major credit cards on your online ProductCart store.
  • Website Payments Pro & PayPal Payments Pro (US)
    This is a combination of two payment systems:
    • Direct payments: customers pay by credit card, without leaving your store, and without knowing that PayPal is involved at all.
    • Express Checkout: an alternative checkout process. That is: no registering/logging in on your store, but rather off to PayPal where the same login information (the customer's PayPal account credentials) can be used for any store that supports Express Checkout. For customers that have a PayPal account, this really speeds up the checkout process. So, it's a nice service to offer to your store visitors.
  • Payflow Payment Gateway
    Two options:
    • Payflow Pro: this is a payment gateway: there is a payment form on your Web site, customers don't leave your store, you need an Internet merchant account (unlike with Website Payments Pro). Includes features geared to high-volume merchants.
    • Payflow Link: New interface in v4.7 that mimics PayPal Payments Advanced where customers no longer leave your website to make a payment using a credit card. Previous versions to ProductCart v4.7 customers would need leave your store and pay for the order on the Payflow Link payment page. Once a gateway that was rarely used is one that we would now recommend if you already have your own merchant account through your bank.

Please note the following about Website Payments Pro: you can activate Express Checkout without activating Direct Payments, but if you activate Direct Payments, Express Checkout is always turned on automatically (you cannot have Direct Payments active and Express Checkout inactive). This is not a ProductCart limitation. It's just how PayPal WPP works.

Accelerated Boarding for Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout ProductCart v4.0 SP3 and above include “Accelerated Boarding” for PayPal Express Checkout: this allows you (the merchant) to turn on Express Checkout with just a couple of clicks, even if you don't have a PayPal account yet. You will need to setup a PayPal account only after you get the first order paid for through Express Checkout.

In other words, ProductCart makes it very quick and painless to activate Express Checkout on your store, if you decide that you want to offer that payment option to your customers. This might be a good idea as there are lots of PayPal users out there that would then be able to checkout more quickly on your storefront.

After your customer pays you with PayPal Express Checkout, you will receive a text email from PayPal with the subject “You have an unclaimed payment”. More details on this on the PayPal web site.

Contacting PayPal for more information

We have been working with PayPal for many years, and our shopping carts feature full support for PayPal's many payment services. Contact the PayPal if you have questions about which payment system offered by PayPal might be the best fit for your business.

  • New PayPal account
    If you have sales related questions about setting up NEW PayPal service and would like to speak directly to a PayPal Product Specialist, call 877-455-1480. 
  • Existing PayPal account
    If you have customer service related questions regarding an EXISTING PayPal account and would like to speak directly to a PayPal Customer Service agent, call 888-221-1161.

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