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Other Non Real-Time Payment Options

You can offer your customers other non real-time or offline payment options, such as payment terms for wholesale customers. To add a custom payment option to your store, select Add New Payment Option from the Payments menu, and then click on Offline credit cards, check, Net 30, etc. The top part of the page includes settings for offline credit card processing. Scroll to the lower part of the window to configure a new, offline payment option.

To add a new offline payment option, fill out the information as follows:

  • Description. Enter a description (e.g. Net 30, Purchase Order, Check, etc.)
  • Terms. Describe the payment terms or other instructions that you want to display on the payment details page.
  • Apply to wholesale customers only. Check this option if you would like this payment method to be available to wholesale customers only. For example, you will typically not want to give payment terms to your retail customers (first time visitors to your store are by default retail customers). So if “Net 30” is one of the payment methods that you would like to offer to wholesale customers only, check the box “Apply to wholesale customers only”. Retail customers will not see it when selecting a payment option during check out.
  • Require additional information for this payment option. Check this option, and enter a description in the field right below it, if you would like to collect additional information when customers place an order using this payment method. For example, you may want to obtain a purchase order number from wholesale customers that buy products on terms. If you check this option and label it “Purchase Order Number”, wholesale customers will be asked to enter that information during the check out process.
  • Processing Fee. As always, you can choose whether to charge an additional transaction fee using the Processing Fee field. The fee can be either a flat charge or a percentage of the total order amount.

Click on the Add button to add this new payment option to the store.

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