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Configuring Offline Credit Card Processing

No Payment Gateway Involved

Common to all non real-time payment options is the fact that no money is exchanged at the time the order is processed. You will collect the money at a later point: COD, or Net 30, or by processing a credit card offline. Processing a credit card offline means collecting credit card information from a customer in a secure way, processing it manually outside of ProductCart (e.g. via your POS system), and removing the credit card information from the store database as soon as it is no longer needed.

To add offline credit card processing to your store, select Add New Payment Option from the Payments menu, and then click on Offline credit cards, check, Net 30, etc.

Because there is no gateway involved, setting up a non real-time payment option is easy. To configure offline credit card processing, simply check which credit cards you support, and click on the Add button. When an order is placed, credit card information is encrypted and stored in the database.

Make sure that you have an SSL certificate on your Web server and that you have enabled the SSL feature in the ProductCart Store Settings area. The page on which customers enter their credit card information MUST be a secure form.

You should REMOVE all unnecessary credit card information from your store database. This means using the Purge Credit Card Numbers feature as soon as you have used the credit card information to process a payment. In ProductCart v3.5 and above credit card information is automatically purged when you batch process orders.

Offline Credit Card Processing and the Card Security Code

ProductCart does NOT give you the option to require customers to enter their card's security code (CVV code), the 3- or 4-digit security code that is typically located on the back of the credit card, after the first 16 digits (or on the front of American Express credit cards, above the credit card number). This is because Protection of Cardholder Information (PCI) security standard prohibit merchants from saving the security code to any storage media, which is completely understandable since the card security code is meant to signal that the card is in the posession of the cardholder at the exact time it is used for the payment.

If you want to customers to use their card security code in the transaction, you have to enable a payment gateway.

Payment Options

  • Payment Fee. When accepting offline credit card transactions, you have the option to charge either a flat processing charge, or a transaction fee that is a percentage of the total order amount.
  • Payment Name. Use Payment Name field to change the description that is shown to your customers during checkout. For example, you could change “Credit Card” to “Visa and MasterCard”.
  • Process orders when they are placed. You can set up ProductCart so that orders are instantly processed the moment they are placed (not recommended). Typically, you will want to review an order before it is processed, so this option is unchecked by default.
  • When orders are placed, the payment status is. You can specify the payment status when orders are placed. The payment status is purely for reporting/administrative purposes. It has not effect on the processing status of the order.

What Happens During Checkout

When customers check out, credit card information will be collected, but the card will not be charged. To avoid orders submitted with false credit card information, ProductCart performs basic validation on the credit card number before allowing the order to go through. If the number is incorrect, customers will receive an error message.

If the number is a valid credit card number, then the order will go through. ProductCart does not perform any address verification, or any other type of validation. If you receive a large number of orders and need them to be more effectively validated before they are submitted, you will have to set up an account with one of the many payment gateways supported by ProductCart.

ProductCart will send you an “Order Received” e-mail once the order has been placed (and an order confirmation message after it has been processed, i.e. after you have processed the payment and updated the order status using the Control Panel).

It will then be up to you to charge the credit card offline, using a POS terminal, software that may be installed on your PC, or any other solution that you may be using. For security reasons, credit card information will not be included in the order confirmation e-mail. To retrieve the credit card information, you will have to use the Manage Orders area of the ProductCart Control Panel.

All credit card information collected from your customers during non real-time credit card transactions is stored in the system database in an encrypted format to ensure data security. For additional security, ProductCart allows you to purge credit card information from the database. You should routinely perform this task on orders that have been processed and for which credit card information is no longer needed.

Offline processing, QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Merchant Services

If you wish to collect credit card information, but process the payments from QuickBooks, using QuickBooks Merchant Services, you can do so by using:

  • Offline credit card processing, described above
  • ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks, our bi-directional, real-time QuickBooks synchronization tool
  • QuickBooks Merchant Services

See this frequently asked question in the QuickBooks section.

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