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Orders with a 0 Amount

It can happen that an order’s total is zero. Specifically, if the product is free, there is no shipping involved, and no taxes, then the order total is zero. This can be the result of a free product (product’s price is zero), or the application of a discount that renders the product’s price equal to zero.

When a discount is applied to an order, reducing the product’s price to zero:

  • If the product does not require shipping, then shipping charges are zero.
  • If the product requires shipping, shipping charges and handling fees are added to the order total, regardless of the product’s price, and therefore the order’s total is higher than zero.

When the order’s total is zero, payment options are not shown to the customer, regardless of your store’s payment settings. The customer will be able to complete the checkout process and submit the order without going through the payment step.

If you don't want to allow orders with a 0 order amount, enter a minimum order amount in the Store Settings. You can specify a different amount for Retail and Wholesale customers (which also affect Customer Pricing Categories with wholesale privileges)

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