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 ====== Shipping and Drop-Shipping an Order ====== ====== Shipping and Drop-Shipping an Order ======
-The documentation on this page covers ​v3.and above+The documentation on this page is for v3.51. Please visit our Knowledgebase for updated information about managing shipments:​ 
 +[[https://​​customer/​portal/​articles/​1559044-shipping-and-drop-shipping-an-order|Shipping Manager]]
 =====Shipping an Order===== =====Shipping an Order=====
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   * [[shipping-ups#​the_ups_shipping_center|UPS Shipping Wizard]]   * [[shipping-ups#​the_ups_shipping_center|UPS Shipping Wizard]]
   * [[shipping-usps#​usps_shipping_center|USPS Shipping Wizard]]   * [[shipping-usps#​usps_shipping_center|USPS Shipping Wizard]]

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