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Shipping and Drop-Shipping an Order

The documentation on this page is for v3.51. Please visit our Knowledgebase for updated information about managing shipments:

Shipping Manager

Shipping an Order

In order to ship an order, the order first needs to be processed. Once an order's status has been changed to Processed, the Shipping Center Tab section of the View & Process Order page will display the available shipping methods.

FIXME - Work In progress. three new fields, which allow you to provide your customer with shipment details.

  • Shipped Via. Enter the shipping service used for this shipment (e.g. UPS Ground).
  • Date Shipped. Enter the date on which the order was shipped.
  • Tracking Number. Enter the tracking number for the shipment, if any. On the order details page in the customer\’s account area, and in the “Order Shipped” e-mail sent to the customer, ProductCart will automatically display the tracking number and a hyperlink that points to the shipping service provider\’s tracking Web page. For example, if the customer selects UPS Ground as the shipping service during checkout, ProductCart will automatically link the tracking number to the UPS tracking Web site.

The Shipping Center area of the Order Details page

To change the order status to Shipped, click on Update Order Status. You have the option to notify the customer via e-mail or not. If you do, the “Order Shipped” e-mail will be sent. The copy that accompanies the shipment details can be edited using the E-mail Settings area of the Control Panel.

If you ever need to update shipping information previously added to an order, you can do so by changing the field values in any of the three fields mentioned above. At that point you will have the option to resend the “Order Shipped” e-mail to the customer. The updated shipment details will also be shown on the order details page in the customer's account area.

Shipping Wizards

The sections that cover the shipping providers also contain information about the Shipping Wizards that are specific to those providers. Specifically, see:

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