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Batch Shipping Orders

If you need to ship multiple orders at once, ProductCart allows you to batch ship them all at once. This feature can help you add shipping information to processed orders in a much faster way. You have two ways of adding shipping information to multiple orders.

Batch shipping multiple products at once.

In the first scenario, select Batch Ship Orders from the Orders menu. A list of orders whose current status is processed will be displayed on the page (see example above).

  • You can include an order in the batch by checking the Ship option.
  • Check or uncheck the E-mail option to send the Order Shipped email to the customer
  • Enter a shipping method (optional), a date (it's pre-filled with today's date for you), and a tracking number (optional).
  • Click on Ship Selected Orders to ship the orders you have checked on the page.

If an order contains one or more products that are currently out-of-stock or back-ordered, it cannot be batch-shipped and a message is shown (as in the screen shot shown on this page). Even if you click on Select All, the order will not be shipped (although the checkbox may appear checked).

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