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Reward Points

General Settings

The General Settings allows you to configure the following properties:

  • Reward Points shown on the product details page Program is Active
    You can turn the program on and off with just one click. Keep in mind that turning the program off will prevent existing customers from viewing and using their accrued points, so make sure to notify them if you do so. When the program is on, the following changes occur on your store. Correspondingly, these changes are not activated if the program is off.
    • The product details page shows how many points the customer can accrue when purchasing that product. The message “You can earn N Reward Points on this product!” is displayed right below the product description, where N is the number of Reward Points assigned to the product, and “Reward Points” is the name assigned to the program, which can be modified as explained below. Note that this message is not displayed when a product is assigned 0 points. When you first install Reward Points on your Web sites, all products are by default assigned 0 points. See the section Assigning Points to Products for more information.
    • If an existing customer, who has already accrued points and whose existing points balance is not zero, is checking out, the checkout page shows an additional field where the customer can enter points to use against the current purchase.
    • The order verification page shows the number of points being accrued with the current purchase or the number of points being used against the current purchase. The first scenario always occurs with new customers, since they do not have a points balance and therefore cannot use points against the current purchase. Both scenarios can occur with existing customers that do have a positive points balance. In other words, existing customers placing a new order can choose whether to use existing points to earn a discount on the purchase, or not use any points to earn points on the purchase.
    • The customer's account management page shows an extra link that allows the customer to view his/her points balance, its actual monetary value, and the total number of points used against purchases so far.
  • Points Definition
    This is the label that will be used everywhere points are mentioned on your store. So if you would like customers to earn “Frequent Shopper Credits” on your store, enter “Frequent Shopper Credits” here. The program name is mentioned on the following pages, among others: product details page, checkout page, order verification page, order confirmation e-mail, customer account management pages, and others.
  • Conversion Rate
    As mentioned above, the conversion rate defines how points are translated into dollars (or the currency your store is using). For example: a conversion rate equal to 100% would mean that each point equals one dollar; 150% would mean that each point translates into $1.50; 20% would indicate that each point is equal to $0.20. And so on.
  • Referral Points
    You can reward customers for referring other customers. Referral points can be awarded based on a flat value (e.g. 75) or a percentage (e.g. 25% times the order amount).
    • Points are awarded only once per referred customer (i.e. when the referred customer places his/her first order), and only if the referred customer makes a purchase during the visit to the store that was initiated by clicking on the referring link (otherwise the store will not recognize the customer as having been referred by another customer).
    • Existing customers can refer other customers to your store by using the Tell a Friend feature. Make sure that the feature is turned on under Store Settings > General Settings. The link included in the Tell a Friend message will contain the proper code to enable your store to track the referral. It looks as follows…

      or it could be something like…


      The refby variable tells the store the ID of the referring customer (customer identifier from the customers table). This querystring can be attached to any storefront page (e.g. home page, category pages, product pages).

  • Include Wholesale Customers
    You can allow wholesale customers to accrue points or not. Typically, you will use this system only with retail customers, so by default this option is set to “No”.

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