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Manage Recently Reviewed Products


A new feature introduced with ProductCart v4 is the abililty to show to your customers a list of products for which reviews were recently written. The storefront page that lists recently reviewed products is called ”showRecentlyReviewed.asp”.

Management Tools

The ProductCart v4 Control Panel contains tools that give you some control on the way products are presented on the page. From the Marketing menu, select Manage Special Pages > Recently Reviewed. The settings on the page are very similar to those found on the Manage Best Sellers page. Please refer to that section of the documentation for a description of the various settings available on the page.

The only setting that is specific to the Recently Reviewed Products feature is the following:

  • Only include products for which a review has been written in the last N days
    For example, if you enter “14” as the number of days, only products that have been reviewed in the last 14 days would be displayed on the Recently Reviewed Products page.

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