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Manage Home Page


This area of the Control Panel allows you to select which products to show on ProductCart's default home page (pc/home.asp). The default home page can shows a list of featured products, specials, best sellers, new arrivals, and other information, based on your settings. It can also highlight a particular product (e.g. “Product of the Week”).

  • ProductCart v3.x: Marketing > Manage Home Page
  • ProductCart v4.x: Marketing > Manage Special Pages > Home Page

Display Settings

The following display settings are available from the Control Panel:

  • Page Description: You can show some text at the top of the page. You can use HTML in your description, so if could contain multiple graphics promoting different sales or new products, an animation, etc. If the description is empty, this area of the page is hidden.

In the source code, the description is contained in a DIV that is styled using the class pcPageDesc, which can be edited by editing pc/pcStorefront.css. When the description is empty, the DIV is hidden.

  • Product Display for featured products: you can choose a display option for how featured products are displayed, if any. The options are the ones described in the Display Settings section of this User Guide. Specials, new arrivals and best sellers, which are shown at the bottom of the home page (if any) are always shown in a list.

    The AJAX-driven product preview feature is particularly useful on the home page as it allows customers to quickly obtain additional information on these products. This feature can be turned on and off on the Miscellaneous Settings tab of the Store Settings of the Control Panel. You can see an example of this feature at work on many of the demo storefronts on the ProductCart Web site.

  • Highlight the first featured product. You can make the first featured product more visible on your store's home page by using this feature (e.g. 'Product of the Month'). The order in which products are shown is set on the Manage Featured Products page. You can indicate which product is the 'first' featured product by using the Order field on the page. For example, the following image shows a home page that was set up to show 4 featured products, and highlight the first one.

Manage your storefront home page

  • Other display settings. There are two display settings that apply to best sellers, new arrivals, and specials, which are shown at the bottom of the page, below Featured Products.
    • Show the product part number(SKU). The product part number is shown, just below the product name.
    • Show the small product thumbnail. A small version of the product thumbnail is shown. The size is set through the pcShowProductImageL class in the pcStorefront.css style sheet.

  • Products To Show. For any of the product sections that can be shown on the home page, enter “0” to hide that section. For example, if you don't want to show “specials” on the home page, enter “0” in the corresponding input field. Use the Order field to set the order in which the sections should be shown.
    • Featured Products: Featured products are shown above the other sections. You can define which products to show by adding and removing products from the Manage Featured Products page (see below).
    • Specials. You can define which products to show by adding and removing products from the Manage Specials page (see below).
    • New Arrivals. What constitutes a New Arrival is set through the Manage New Arrivals section of the Control Panel.
    • Best Sellers. What constitutes a Best Seller is set through the Manage Best Sellers section of the Control Panel.

ProductCart’s default home page is located in the pc directory. It doesn’t have to be your Web site’s home page, and you can certainly link to it to your Web site’s home page. However, if you want it to make it your Web site’s home page, you can do the following:

Search Engine Friendly Redirect to "home.asp"

You can redirect visitors to your Web site home page to “home.asp” in a search engine friendly way by using a “301 Permanent Redirect”. To create a redirect file:

  1. Use Notepad or an HTML editor and create a blank page called default.asp
  2. Copy and paste the following code into your blank page
    Response.Status="301 Moved Permanently" 
    Response.AddHeader "Location", "/productcart/pc/home.asp"

  3. Adjust the code to account for the fact that you might have renamed the productcart folder
  4. Save the file and upload it to the “Root” directory/folder on your Web server

No other code is needed. This file will redirect visitors (and search engine spiders) to your ProductCart-powered home page. Once again make sure to edit the path to home.asp to match the actual directory structure on your Web server.

Moving "home.asp" to the root

You can move the file to the root directory of your Web site by making some code changes. Refer to the Search Engine Optimization section for more information. This section is recommended for more experienced users. Since the “301 Permanent Redirect” method mentioned in the previous section is completely search engine friendly, you do not need to move “home.asp” to the root.

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