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Generate Microsoft Bing Cashback Data Feed

The cashback program has been discontinued by Microsoft and replaced with the Bing Shopping. Bing Shopping is not currently supported, but may be considered for a future release.

ProductCart version 3.5 and above allow you to create a data feed for Microsoft® Bing® cashback system. Microsoft Bing was previously name “Live Search”.

Registering and Activating

From the Marketing menu, select Generate Cashback File. Follow these steps:

  1. Agree to the Terms & Conditions
    You must agree to the Terms & Conditions before you can register for cashback.
  2. Register for a Merchant ID
    This marketing program is only available to US-based merchants (as of the fall of 2008). Fill out the registration form and wait for your merchant key to arrive via e-mail.
  3. Activate
    Once you receive your merchant key, return to the same page and click “Activate Bing Cashback”. To activate Bing Cashback enter your “Merchant ID” in the corresponding text field. When you are ready click “Save Bing Cashback Settings” to save your settings and return home. You will then be able to export a product feed that you can upload to your Cashback account.

Once your account is activated and you have uploaded a cashback File, ProductCart will report the sales to Bing automatically via the tracking code that is already integrated into the system.

Homepage URL

When you specify your store's homepage URL inside your Bing Cashback account follow this guideline. The URL must contain the proper format so ProductCart knows it is a Bing referral.

Add the following parameter immediately after you domain name.

Add: ?cashback=yes


Generating a Data Feed

Following activation of cashback you will be able to export a data feed. A data feed allows you to list specific products on the cashback portion of the Bing search engine. However, be aware that the products in your data feed are not the only products eligible to cashback customers. When you register for cashback your store will be added to the cashback directory and your entire online catalog will eligible for the minimum cashback percentage. There is currently no feature to opt out certain products from cashback eligibility. The data feed allows you to specify which products are featured on Bing cashback and keep your pricing accurate.

Each time you update your inventory pricing you will need to update your cashback data feed to keep pricing current.

To generate the data feed, log into your ProductCart control panel and navigate to Marketing > Generate Cashback File.

  1. Select Export products to Bing Cashback
  2. On the following page fill out the entire export form
    1. Product Title - The Title should be an accurate representation of your product. For optimal effectiveness, the Title you submit in your data feed may need to be revised from its original appearance on your site.
    2. Product Categories - Select the categories that you would like to include in the cashback data feed. Press down the CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple entries.
    3. Currency - The currency is currently USD only.
    4. Product Availability
    5. Commission (cash that you will pay back)
    6. Shipping Costs - Try to estimate the shipping costs. The cost is not shown to customers, but cashback requires this information.
    7. Product Condition
    8. Brand
    9. Other Options
      1. Exclude wholesale categories
      2. Exclude 'Not For Sale' products
      3. Show Additional Details (e.g. MPC, UPC, ISBN). This option should not be used with large exports > 1000 products
      4. Calculate the default price of BTO products
  3. Click Generate Bing Cashback Data Feed
  4. If you opted to Show Additional Details under Other Options you will now be directed to a page allowing you to enter product specific details. These values will over-ride the default specified in the previous form. For instance, you may have chosen to use a shipping rate of $5.00. On this page you can specify a different rate for some products. If you leave the rate blank it will use the default rate. Click Generate Bing Cashback Data Feed.
  5. The final page will tell you how many products were exported and provide a link for you to download the file. Save the file to your pc and then use FTP software to transfer the file to cashback per the instructions in your welcome e-mail.

How ProductCart interacts with Bing cashback

ProductCart includes code that allows you:

  • Display the cashback gleam on the product details page.
    When customers land from cashback to your store, the gleam will bring continuity to their shopping experience and remind them that they are going to receive cashback on the purchase.
  • Report a sale
    When a customer lands on a ProductCart-powered store from cashback, ProductCart detects it and tracks that order as a cashback-referred order. At the time of purchase ProductCart sends data back to cashback via JavaScript code located on the order completion page.

The above is built into ProductCart version 3.5 and above. No changes are needed on your side other than to enable your cashback account as mentioned earlier on this page.

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