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Generating a Data Feed for Microsoft Bing Shopping

Getting started with Bing Shopping

To get started, visit The steps that you will need to take are:

  • Download the Merchant Integration Guide (a PDF document as of September of 2010).
  • Review the Guide to familiarize with the program
  • Once you have been approved as a merchant and have received your Welcome Kit (an e-mail message), log into your account and configure it as described in the Guide.
    • It might take several days for you to be approved and receive the “Bing Shopping program Onboarding Kit”
    • There is quite a bit of information that you need to enter in the Bing Shopping merchant center before you can submit a data feed
    • In the meantime, create a 88px (w) x 31px (h) version of your logo (GIF, JPG, or PNG). You will need it when you add information to the Bing merchant center.
    • If you can't find your way back to the merchant center, go to:
  • Once you've added your company information to the Bing merchant center, log into the ProductCart Control Panel to generate a new data feed for Bing Shopping.

At this time, Bing Shopping is only available for merchants selling products and services in the United States.

BETA files

ProductCart v4.5

These files are included in ProductCart v4.5. Please remember that this feature is in BETA and is provided “as is”.

ProductCart v4.1

The ability to generate a Bing Shopping data feed is currently in BETA testing. You can download the BETA files here. Please note that these files require ProductCart v4.1 and above.

  • Make sure that you are using ProductCart v4.1 and above
    Performance improvements were introduced in v4.1 for the Google Base and Bing data feed generators, and that code is leveraged in the new Bing Shopping data feed generator.
  • Updated on 11.05.10: added file for Apparel Add-on
  • Updated on 11.08.10: fixed issue with duplicate products (when the same product is assigned to multiple categories)

Generating a Bing Shopping data feed

Feed requirements

The data feed that ProductCart will generate for you meets the Bing Shopping Data Feed Requirements as of September, 2010. Please note the following:

  • Must Do:
    • You must FTP an updated data feed every 30 days or less. ProductCart will not FTP the file automatically for you. This is something that you need to do (add a recurring alert in a Web calendar or alike to remember to perform that task at regularly).
    • You must upload a new data feed whenever product information changes (e.g. prices have been updated)
    • The file name must always be “bingshopping.txt” (that's the name ProductCart will use: don't change it)
  • Delay:
    • it might take some time (up to 48 hours) for the updated information to be displayed in Bing Shopping.
    • the first feed might take longer to process
  • Format:
    ProuctCart automatically uses these formatting requirements, but keep them in mind in case you decide to manually edit the data feed.
    • Header row is required
    • Each line can only contain one product listing
    • TAB-delimited
    • CharacterSet/Encoding: UTF-8

Data feed fields

The following is a list of the data feed fields listed in the Bing Shopping documentation as of September, 2010, and how they are handled by ProductCart.

Field Name Included? Comments
MerchantProductID Yes We use the SKU from the ProductCart database as the Bing Shopping documentation indicates that “the same product ID should be used for reporting purchases and returns”. Make sure that you are using unique SKUs
Title Yes This is the product name in the ProductCart catalog
Brand Yes This is a recommended field. If brands are used in your catalog, they are used here. Otherwise, ProductCart asks you to provide a name (e.g. your company name) that will be used as the brand for all products.
MPN, UPC, ISBN If entered These are recommended fields, if applicable to your products. See how to leverage custom search fields to store and use MPN, UPC, ISBN, etc.
SKU Yes We use the SKU from the ProductCart database
ProductURL Yes Full URL to the product details page. IP addresses are not allowed, so make sure that you have properly configured ProductCart. If an IP address is used, then you probably need to change the store URL
Price Yes The online price is used. Since Bing Shopping is currently for US-based merchants only, the price is assumed to be in US dollars. Products whose price is zero are not included. If the product is a BTO product, the Default Price is used.
Availability Yes ProductCart will check to see if your products are in stock, out of stock, or back ordered, based on your store settings and individual product settings
Description Yes ProductCart will use the short description, if available. Otherwise the long description will be used.
ImageURL Yes Full URL to the product image. IP addresses are not allowed, so make sure that you have properly configured ProductCart. If an IP address is used, then you probably need to change the store URL
Shipping No This is not provided as most ProductCart-powered stores calculate shipping in real time.
MerchantCategory Yes If category the breadcrumb is available for that product, it is used. Otherwise the category name is used.
ShippingWeight Yes The product weight is included only if you indicate that you are using product weights to determine shipping costs. This is specified when you create the data feed.
Condition Yes Condition chosen at the time you create the data feed. Note that as of September 2010 Bing only shows new products.
B_Category No Not included at this time. We may introduce a way to map Bing Shopping's B_Categories to your ProductCart catalog categories in the future.

Uploading the data feed

The data feed file, which should always be named “bingshopping.txt”, must be uploaded to the FTP site specified in the Welcome e-mail you received from Bing Shopping, using the credentials specified there.

Change encoding

Before uploading the file to the FTP site, you need to make sure that it is properly encoded.

  • Open the file in Notepad
  • Select “File > Save As”
  • Under the “Encoding” drop-down, select “UTF-8”
  • Save the file, overwriting the existing version

Upload to FTP site

  • Locate the FTP credentials that were provided to you in the Welcome e-mail you received from Bing Shopping, or that can be retrieved from the Microsoft AdCenter > Tools > FTP Settings
  • Upload the file to the root
  • Once again, make sure that the text file:
    • Is named “bingshopping.txt
    • Uses “UTF-8” encoding


A file in the FTP location called “RecentUploads.txt” includes information on recently uploaded data feeds. Note, however, that it does not provide information on whether your data feed was accepted or not. It simply acknowledges that the data feed was uploaded successfully. It will contain information similar to the following:


  Most recent files received on your account.
  Please note there is a delay of up to 15 minutes after an upload is complete 
  before files will show in this list

        OK  Saturday, October 09, 2010 at 12:53 AM (PST)
            Product catalog received.
            bingshopping.txt (16.44 KB)

When items are displayed

At this time (October 2010) Bing Shopping indicates that it may take 7 to 14 days for your items to appear in Bing Shopping.

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