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Manage Featured Products


Featured products are shown on the “home page” (pc/home.asp) and on the “featured product” (pc/showfeatured.asp) page in your storefront.

You can make a product a “featured” product by using this page, when adding or modifying a product, or when changing the properties of multiple products at once using the Global Changes feature. You can also set this property when you are importing products.

Display Options

  • Which products are shown
    Which products are shown on the home page is determined by the settings configured through the Manage Home Page feature. For example, if you have six products in your store database that have been set to be featured products, and the home page has been configured to show four of them (e.g. see home page screen shot on previous page), then the other two will be shown on the Featured Products page.
  • Order in which they are shown
    Products are shown in the order specified in the Control Panel under Marketing > Manage Special Pages > Featured Products.
  • Other display settings
    Featured products are displayed according to the display settings that have been chosen on Manage Home Page.
  • Showing\Hiding Not for Sale items
    There is a variable hardcoded onto the page that allows you to control whether Not For Sale items should be displayed. Comments in the code indicate how to edit the variable value. The code is as follows (by default, not for sale items are hidden):
    ' This variable controls whether NOT FOR SALE items should be shown
    Dim pcIntFeaturedNFS, queryNFS
    pcIntFeaturedNFS = 0 ' Not for sale items are shown
    pcIntFeaturedNFS = -1 ' Not for sale items are not shown

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